The Six Million Dollar Man S1:01

Episode: Population: Zero
Original Airdate: 01/18/1974

OK! Here we go with the regular TV series eps! As of this writing, I’ve watched about three of these things and these are a lot more fun than the Pilot movies. I think they were probably feeling good about their product now so they could have some more fun and didn’t have to draw the program out for two hours. (I don’t think the shorter run time is hurting anything either). Let’s see what we’ve got here…


As we open, a cop on a motorbike pulls into a quiet town. It’s quiet because everyone is DEAD!!!! He takes off his helmet to radio his sarge. “They’re all dead!!” He screams and falls to the ground, deceased. Elsewhere Steve Austin is making a Dune Buggy – he’s bending metal with his Bionic Arm! Oscar Goldman and his wicked fresh sunglasses approaches. “Everyone’s dead, Steve,” he says. “But we don’t want you and your bionic legs to go there and see what’s up.” “OK, I won’t, Oscar.” Steve replies and hops in his bad ass ’74 Firebird, disregarding his direct orders from his Superior.

See, Steve used to hang out in this town back in his high school days of playing football and wooing the ladies, so he’s all about this. Once there, despite being told not to go there, a crate he ordered arrives and in it – is his space suit he used to walk on the moon! He slow motion walks into town and some lady is alive and trapped in her car!! He saves her butt and realizes everyone is actually alive, they’re just unconscious because of some mystery sound!

let’s keep this short and spoiler free. A former government scientist has developed a new weapon – it uses sound to kill people! And he’s going to kill all of the US Army and anyone who stands in his way unless he gets his money! Will the six million dollar man save the day?? Will he pull a light pole of the ground and use it as a javelin?? Will he run in slow motion with sweaty pits??? Tune in to find out!

Quote of the day:

Evil Scientist: “You’re a cyborg?? How much did that cost the government????”
Steve: “Six million dollars.”



12 thoughts on “The Six Million Dollar Man S1:01

  1. This was my favorite show during the ’70s! I even had the Six Million Dollar Man doll/action figure (and Oscar too, actually). And my first lunchbox was The Six Million Dollar Man one. How are you watching these? DVD, or Netflix or Amazon or something? I haven’t seen any episodes since it went off the air. I’m curious to see if I would still like it.

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    1. Hey! I did too!!! WHOOP!!!

      I bought the set on DVD but I think Damian is watching them online somewhere. I was afraid I wouldn’t like them like I did as a kid but I still do!

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      1. Awesome!! I recently saw a Knight Rider episode, and I was a little disappounted. I couldn’t believe I lived it as much as I did when I was younger. Lee Majors is awesome though so I can see me still liking it.w I’ll have to look into it. I need to watch some of The Fall Guy too.

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