The Walking Dead S:06 E:04

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: Here’s Not Here
Original Airdate: 11-1-15

Remember in Season 4 when a lot of bad things were happening at the Prison and they interrupted everything to spend two full episodes catching us up on what the Governor had been up to? It happened again. Not with the Governor, but Morgan and his stick. So forget the insanity of the herd, the Wolves and the Is-Glenn-dead-or-not mystery, because none of it was addressed last night.

The episode opens with Morgan talking to the Wolf that attacked him at the end of the season’s second episode. Morgan did not kill him like the ending implied, but just dragged him to the holding cell below the armory. Then Morgan tells the Wolf his story.

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The Walking Dead S:06 E:03

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: Thank You
Original Airdate: 10-25-15

I don’t want to talk about it…but I guess I have to.

This week we follow everyone leading the Walkers out of the pit and away from Alexandria. Daryl is still on his bike riding along side Sasha and Abraham. Daryl decides to break off and ride back to town to help out, despite warnings from the other two. Rick heads back to an RV that blocked a road during the corralling of the herd, hoping to get the ones headed to Alexandria back on track. He ends up hurting his hand rather badly while killing one Walker, then is attacked by straggling Wolves (the ones Morgan let go) once inside the RV, that won’t start, with the herd baring down on him.

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The Walking Dead S:06 E:02

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: JSS
Original Airdate: 10-18-15

Well, I guess they don’t have to pay those pesky Alexandria extras anymore…

The Wolves that were ominously introduced in the Season 5 finale descended upon the sleepy community of Alexandria with no warning. Seriously, Carol was making a casserole and looked out the window to see one of her neighbors cut down in her front yard by a wild man with a machete. From there, chaos reigned. Wolves tore through Alexandria, killing nearly everyone we’ve never met. Carol eventually disguised herself as one of them and started taking them out ninja style till none were left. The Walker-alerting horn from the end of last week’s episode was from a semi that crashed after the tower guard shot the driver. Morgan made it back to town before anyone else and helped, in his new-Morgan-zenlike way, allowing the Wolves to choose to leave and live, which several did. But in the end, he did have to put one down for good.

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The Walking Dead S:06 E:01

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: First Time Again
Original Airdate: 10-11-15

Not exactly picking up right where we left off, Rick, part of his group and some Alexandria residents are planning to lead thousands of Walkers out of a rock quarry the next day. Suddenly, one of the 18-wheelers keeping the Walkers trapped topples into the quarry, and everyone is in action mode. Though they were just doing a “dress rehearsal,” they have to follow through with the plan immediately.

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The Walking Dead Season:02

The Walking Dead Season 2

At the time of its original airing, I really liked Season 2 of The Walking Dead. I rebuffed all the haters who complained on a weekly basis that the time on the Farm was dragging out and the Group needed to move on. I was convinced that the writers were keeping the Group there to really build the characters for us and it was easier to do so if everyone stayed put for awhile instead of giving us action-packed episodes full of Walker killing. I was wrong.
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The Walking Dead S:02 E:13

The Walking Dead Season 2

Episode Title: Beside the Dying Fire
Original Airdate: 3-18-2012

The episode opens in Atlanta, as various Walkers are feasting on whatever they can find. Suddenly a helicopter flies by, attracting their attention. They begin to migrate in a herd, until they are in the woods surrounding the Farm. Carl’s gunfire, putting down Walker Shane, draws the herd closer…and the Farm is overrun. But not without a fight.

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The Walking Dead S:02 E:12

The Walking Dead Season 2

Episode Title: Better Angels
Original Airdate: 3-11-2012

The day after Dale’s death, the Farm goes on lockdown. Hershel allows the Group to move into the house, as everyone secures the windows and doors, while stockpiling food for potential emergencies. Unfortunately there is still the issue of Randall. Rick is determined to take him over an hour away, with Daryl’s help, to dump him. Shane, having had enough, unties Randall and leads him into the woods, snapping his neck. Shane then rams his own face into a tree and hides his gun. He runs back to the Farm as everyone discovers their prisoner is missing, telling tall tales of Randall sneaking up on him, knocking him out and stealing his gun.

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The Walking Dead S:02 E:11

The Walking Dead Season 2

Episode Title: Judge, Jury, Executioner
Original Airdate: 3-4-12

It’s annoying old man versus annoying kid this week. The episode starts with Daryl torturing the captive Randall (yep, he’s STILL a thing) for information about his group to determine how much danger everyone at the farm might be in if they set him free. It is decided his release is too much of a threat. No one wants to actually kill the kid (okay, except maybe crazy Shane) but old man Dale is adamant that this action is wrong and spends the day trying to change everyone’s mind, one by one. Yes, it’s as painful and drawn out as it sounds.

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The Walking Dead S:02 E:10

The Walking Dead Season 2

Episode Title: 18 Miles Out
Original Airdate: 2-26-2012

Apparently some time has passed on the farm. Randall’s leg has healed and Shane and Rick are driving him (robbed of his sight and hearing) eighteen miles from the farm to abandon him with a few supplies and a prayer. Of course everything goes to hell. As the two walk away from a pleading Randall, he mentions having gone to school with Maggie, which leads Rick and Shane to believe that, despite their best efforts, he knows where the farm is. Shane decides to execute Randall right there, but is thwarted by Rick. Fueled by a confessional conversation they had during the long drive, including Otis’s murder and the affair with Lori, the two friends finally have it out over everything. During their kerfuffle, Shane breaks a window and Walkers begin piling out of what the men thought was an abandoned building. Shane becomes trapped, and after barely escaping with his own life, Rick grabs Randall and plans to leave, but changes his mind at the last minute to rescue his friend, who gets a stern talking-to on the way back, which fell on deaf ears.

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The Walking Dead S:02 E:09

The Walking Dead Season 2

Episode Title: Triggerfinger
Original Airdate: 2-19-2012

An unconscious Lori wakes up in the crashed car to a Walker desperately trying to get to her. After taking it and another one out, she continues to head to town, on foot, to find Rick. Once everyone back at the farm realizes they haven’t seen her in hours, Shane goes out to find her. When he catches up to her, he lies about Rick having returned safely to the farm in order to get her in the car to go back. When she realizes what he did, she gets angry and he lets slip the secret of her pregnancy in front of everyone, including Carl.

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