The Walking Dead S:06 E:03

TWD S6 Promo

Episode Title: Thank You
Original Airdate: 10-25-15

I don’t want to talk about it…but I guess I have to.

This week we follow everyone leading the Walkers out of the pit and away from Alexandria. Daryl is still on his bike riding along side Sasha and Abraham. Daryl decides to break off and ride back to town to help out, despite warnings from the other two. Rick heads back to an RV that blocked a road during the corralling of the herd, hoping to get the ones headed to Alexandria back on track. He ends up hurting his hand rather badly while killing one Walker, then is attacked by straggling Wolves (the ones Morgan let go) once inside the RV, that won’t start, with the herd baring down on him.

Michonne and Glenn are left to escort several Alexandrites back to town, but their companions are much slower and less capable at Walker-killing. Several end up injured early on, making things even more difficult. They stop in an abandoned town to patch up and hide out for a bit. Glenn decides to draw the Walkers away from the group by burning down a building. Nicholas tags along to show him a dry feed store that would have been easy kindling, if it hadn’t burned down already. The herd then enters the town, making things near impossible for escape. Only Michonne, Heath and one injured Alexandrite make it back to town. Glenn and Nicholas find minor respite on top of a dumpster trapped in an alley. Nicholas decides to end it and shoots himself in the head, with his dead body falling onto Glenn, taking them both to the ground to probably become Walker food.

So Glenn is gone…maybe…probably. I’m not sure if I should be writing a eulogy here or not. It’s not that I want Glenn to be dead, but if he miraculously survived THAT, then that’s just poor writing, and I want that even less than the death of a beloved character. The framing was a bit ambiguous: Nicholas did fall on top of him and we just saw lots of blood and guts that might not have belonged to him, but he’s still lying amid a horde, and there’s only so much Nicholas to go around. I should have known that permed D-bag would be Glenn’s downfall, literally. Some fans are referencing Season 2, when he and Rick walked around covered in guts to camouflage themselves, but I don’t think I buy it. The only hang up I have that he’s not dead is set photos of Glenn with another character that has not been introduced yet. Only time will tell.

TWD 6-3

Going with the probable chance that he is gone, I will say that even though I’ve had the feeling his number would be up soon, Glenn’s (potential) passing hurt. I teared up, and I haven’t done that for this show in a long time. He had such a comforting quality to him. As much fun as it is to watch Rick, Michonne and Daryl be badasses, Glenn was a nice constant I could always count on to be a genuinely good guy, who loved Maggie and everyone in the Group, and would die for them. He stuck his neck out so many times (too many times) for others, especially Rick way back in the second episode of the series. If he’s really gone, I will miss him so damn much, and I loathe the moment poor Maggie finds out, if it’s for real.

The rest of the episode was fine. I’m almost too bummed to really write about it. Michonne was awesome in a way that only she can be, especially telling Heath how things are. I didn’t understand, or like, Daryl’s breaking from the plan, even though he came back to Sasha and Abraham in the end. It felt like filler. But Rick in the RV was cool and scary. As we learned in Season 2, Walkers can get into RVs without any trouble, and that door looked wide open.

Next week is a 90-minute episode, but all they’ve shown in the previews is Morgan and his stick. I dig Morgan as much as the next guy, but I really hope it’s not 90 minutes of that, especially with the loose ends at which we were left to grasp. I seriously need closure right now.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead S:06 E:03

  1. Great review. I wouldn’t expecting closure on the Glenn issue until at least episode 6, maybe even mid-season finale.

    We’re looking at a Morgan flashback episode that *hopefully* covers post-attack Alexandria as well. But if it doesn’t, Post-Attack Alexandria is another episode.

    Then they’ll need an episode focused on whatever shit finally goes down for Darryl, Sasha and Abe. They’ve had it too easy. This will also probably feature Rick and his situation.

    So, Ep 6 or 7 easily before they get back to Glenn, because if they *don’t* devote a full episode entirely to him getting away, that’s going to be some He-Didn’t-Get-Out-Of-The-Cockadoodie-Car! BS.


    1. No!!! I can’t wait that long. It’s like in S4 when they stopped everything at the prison to spend two full episodes on what the Governor had been up to for six months. But that wasn’t nearly as big as this.

      Seriously though: Morgan and his stick…for 90 minutes. I hope I’m wrong or there will be loads of cursing in next week’s post.


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