Daredevil S:01 E:04

Didn’t you hear? The Cold War’s back in style. If you need a burly, manly, sadistic badass the first place to turn to is the great frozen state of Russia. Today, the two obligatory unhinged gangsters from the east are the focus of many beatings, and learn firsthand the durability of a good American-made SUV!

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Powers S:01 E:10

So, after ten episodes of slowly flailing its arms about, Powers sputters to a halt. Did they pull out of the nosedive in time? Did they make something truly impressive, clever, and inspiring? Did they justify the millions of dollars Sony poured into this thing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha nope.

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Daredevil S:01 E:03

Wow, I don’t remember that episode of Matlock where a dude gets violently murdered in a bowling alley and Ben throatpunches people until justice is served. Maybe it was on some Nick at Nite reruns I missed? Hope you’re ready for the world’s most violent legal drama, because today’s episode has battles going on in and out of the courtroom.

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Powers S:01 E:09

And the award goes to… Powers, for finally having an episode which doesn’t poop itself and collapse on stage! Yes, this week we actually get a taste of what the series could be. It doesn’t delve into the world building that intrigued me originally, but a classic double agent story elevates this one out of the muck of the rest of the season. How’d the penultimate episode fare, exactly…?

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Daredevil S:01 E:02

The pilot episode won me over, but I’ve been won over before. Plenty of shows start out with intriguing hooks and then completely fail to pay off on it, decaying before our very eyes. Can Daredevil keep up momentum from one episode to another? Can they find new ways to tell stories and show comic book action? There’s a lot of reasons to fear Hollywood screwing up something good. But that’s not gonna stop the man without fear.

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Powers S:01 E:08

Remember back in the nineties when live action stunt shows based on your favorite cartoons were a thing? Your parents paid inflated ticket prices so you could watch guys in rubber ninja turtles costumes kick a rubber-costumed Shredder’s butt and maybe there was a musical number or two. How stupid would that be in real life? How stupid and contrived and ill-designed would it be for someone to hire an actual bad guy to attack a good guy for publicity? Hey, let’s find out!

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Daredevil S:01 E:01

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a roll lately, interlinking movies and television shows together. The key, I feel, has been to make sure each individual creative work is done in a manner that suits it the best: from the fantastic realism of Captain America to the colorful space opera of Guardians of the Galaxy. With Daredevil, they’re trying something new… grounded, realistic crimefighting. It fits into the same universe as flying robots and talking racoons, but knows how to keep an internal tone that’s pitch-perfect. Drop down into the grimy city streets to see how the man with no fear translates to the small screen…

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Powers S:01 E:06

Superhero fans! Are you ready for white-knuckle funeral scenes starring too many easily forgettable characters? How about teen romance plots that go nowhere? Maybe some vaguely menacing but completely empty warnings of impending doom? It’s Powers, baby! GET HYPzzzzz….

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Powers S:01 E:05

One ten-round bare knuckle boxing match, surrounded by flashbacks and weird psychic wars, comin’ right up. This tale tunnels in on Wolfe’s character, staying focused compared to some of the more meandering episodes of the series… and ends up strong as a result, with fewer of the more tiresome bits that tend to tag along for the ride. Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe?

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