Powers Season:01

Now that the entire first season of Powers is in the can, let’s step back a bit and take a broader look at the show. I started out hopeful and ended up drinking heavily while hating my continued existence, so obviously I’m going to draw a negative conclusion here (spoiler warning, I guess?) but it’s worth taking a look at WHY the show fell apart. With any luck, Sony will fix it up for season two. Because there is going to be a season two, apparently. Setting fire to a briefcase of unmarked bills would be a better use of the money, but there you go.

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Powers S:01 E:10

So, after ten episodes of slowly flailing its arms about, Powers sputters to a halt. Did they pull out of the nosedive in time? Did they make something truly impressive, clever, and inspiring? Did they justify the millions of dollars Sony poured into this thing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha nope.

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Powers S:01 E:06

Superhero fans! Are you ready for white-knuckle funeral scenes starring too many easily forgettable characters? How about teen romance plots that go nowhere? Maybe some vaguely menacing but completely empty warnings of impending doom? It’s Powers, baby! GET HYPzzzzz….

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Powers S:01 E:05

One ten-round bare knuckle boxing match, surrounded by flashbacks and weird psychic wars, comin’ right up. This tale tunnels in on Wolfe’s character, staying focused compared to some of the more meandering episodes of the series… and ends up strong as a result, with fewer of the more tiresome bits that tend to tag along for the ride. Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe?

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