Jessica Jones S:02 E:10

Episode Title: AKA Pork Chop
Originally Aired: March 8th, 2018

This was a poorly named episode because the name relates to one small thing while providing no implications of what else is going on during the episode. I think something like big game or betrayal would have been much more fitting of a title. This episode is all about betrayal committed by or against all of our primary characters. One character and a relationship between two of our characters never be the same after this week, and the divides aren’t done growing.

jeri in charge
Everyone is experiencing some form of emotional turmoil, but Carrie Ann Moss’ Jeri once again does the heavy lifting during her outburst towards the end of the episode. She also argues earlier in the episode with Jessica, and I happen to be on her side. The experiments that created Jessica and her mother with the right funding, oversite and multifaceted approach could be a world changer. Unfortunately, that change may not be for the best because not everyone can be trusted with abilities, as Jess’ mother has demonstrated repeatedly.

trish decent
Guilt and loss are potent motivators but if Jessica isn’t careful she is going to lose everyone she has to have once a month supervised visits with prisoner 46502. Jessica is ignoring the fact that Trish is in need of serious help, that Malcolm is resentful after making an unexpected return and she is risking her budding relationship with Oscar all while violating her morals. All because she’s worried about being alone and blames herself for the accident that took her family from her, but she’s going to end up more alone than ever before if she isn’t careful.

relationship ruining
It was another very good episode centered on our favorite damaged people, and you want to grab them and yell at them to do better. The writers are doing a great job because there are characters I love, ones I hate, and characters that are moving from one end of that spectrum to the other. They keep trying to make us feel sympathy for Jessica’s mom, and at least for me, they have been high unsuccessful because she has made no effort to do better. I am excited for the final three episodes to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and who will hit rock bottom first.


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