Defenders S:01 E:02

Episode Title: Mean Right Hook
Originally Aired: August 18th 2017

Things are finally starting to come together in the second episode of The Defenders. The full team hasn’t come together yet but they have met in pairs. Iron Fist had a back-alley brawl with Luke and Matt was hired to be Jessica’s lawyer after her run in with Misty.

first meeting

Matt is in a unique situation compared to the other Defenders, he is the only one that doesn’t have someone encouraging him to be the hero he wants to be. Luke has Misty and Claire, even though he and Claire had their first brief spat as a couple over Luke doing the NYPD’s work. Jessica has Trish who would be happy to see her in a costume running around the city helping everyone she could. Danny doesn’t just have moral support he has a partner in Colleen. She may not be as powerful or as skilled as the Defenders but no one would want to face off against her and her katana. Matt on the other hand has Foggy and Karen who are trying to convincing him to just me a mild-mannered lawyer and blind man, not to risk his life. I think they are doing it for selfish reasons or from a misunderstanding of what Matt is capable of, even after all this time.

happy couple

Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra character is confusing because she is afraid of dying after living for at least a few hundred years only to be taken out by a common disease. Will she come back after she dies or is it just finally her time? If she will come back why would she want to rush the project to destroy New York? We know that she is some how tied to White Hat, the young men who are dying around Harlem, and the death of the men at the sword shop. How she became the leader of The Hand is something I hope the explore throughout the season.

new lawyer

The pacing of this season is interesting, it doesn’t feel slow because we are watching five different points of view that will be paired down just two, the good guys vs the bad guys. Even though a lot may be going on throughout the episode more things are happening for some characters compared to others. Alexandra has such a high rank we never see her doing anything but give orders, we see the results of those orders in an earthquake and about half a dozen dead men. Of the Defenders Matt has seen the least action because he has removed himself from the world of heroes while the other three are active and experiencing different levels of success. Danny keeps uncovering clues but each clue leads to another clue and more death. Luke is following the neighborhood leads to track down small-time criminals but his targets are quickly climbing the underworld job ladder. Jessica lets her guilt and curiosity get the better of her and lead he to take a case that lands her in the sites of Misty, the FBI, Homeland Security, and Elektra.

I can’t wait for episode three to see how Matt gets Jessica out of trouble and if Danny and Luke have another run in after that mean right hook.


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