Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:44

Episode Title: Lions and Blizzards
Orignal Airdate: February 10, 1994

It’s becoming a regular zoo on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with our last few episodes. Last week we had to deal with a monstrous fish! This time, we get two animals for the price of one as Rita unleashes a creature that is part lion and part goat. I don’t make this stuff up, folks! Get ready for today’s episode, Lions and Blizzards.


As we begin, the rangers are participating in the annual Oddball Games. They are the core of the red team, while Bulk and Skull head up the blue team. Oh, and the girl Zack has the hots for, Angela, is also a part of the blue team. Even so, the red team still wins the day with the climactic tug ‘o war and receives the coveted Noble Lion Trophy. Of course, Zack, being the swell guy that he is, helps poor Angela out of the mud. A short time later, the trophy goes missing…swiped by Bulk and Skull. The rangers split up to look for the trophy, but only end up encountering putties. You see, Rita has decided to transform the trophy into the bizarre creature called Goatan. It has the head of a lion, with the head of a goat protruding from its chest! The thing even has conversations with itself!!


Unable to recover the trophy, the rangers return to the youth center/juice bar where Zack is surprised to find that Angela wants to go to a movie with him. The dude’s no dummy, he goes off with Angela. Meanwhile, the weather starts to do freaky things. You see, Goatan can control the weather. The other four rangers morph and head off to battle Goatan, and have a rough time. They even get caught up in a tornado generated by the weird lion/goat.


Eventually, Zack gets the signal from Alpha and leaves Angela in the theater, pretending to go get popcorn. Zack morphs and shows up just in time to save his friends. Then Rita makes Goatan grow to giants size, but he’s still no match for the Mega Zord armed with the power sword. When the dust has cleared, Zack goes back to his date…but ends up with the bucket of popcorn dumped over his head by Angela.


I really wonder sometimes about the minds of the people who wrote the original episodes of the the Super Sentai series these monster originated on. How on earth did they come up with the idea of lion with a goat’s head growing out of its chest? I mean, I understand having a monster lion…or even a monster goat…but why put them together? Was it like those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials? “Hey, you got your lion in my goat!” “You got your goat in my lion!” “Wait a minute!!!!” As weird as this thing is, though, I ended up liking this monster quite a bit. The voices of the two parts of the creature are delightfully strange. As a bonus, the goat’s head even has a freeze breathe capable of turning the Mega Zord into a giant ice cube for a few moments.


Even though I enjoyed the monster action in this one, I once again found myself a bit more interested in the American footage. I liked the sequence where Goatan first shows up and encounters Bulk and Skull. The whole Oddball Games thing is also kind of fun. I wish there had been a bit more time devoted to that. The subplot involving Zack and Angela is also fun. After all, it’s nice to see Zack finally get a date with her since he’s been makin’ goo-goo eyes at her at various points in the season. Yet, being a superhero ends up getting in the way or romance for him. Welcome to Clark Kents-ville there Zack my boy.

Next time, get ready for that most dreaded type of TV episode. It’s a clip show people!! Join us next time for Crystal of Nightmares!


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