Iron Fist S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Felling Tree With Roots
Originally Aired: March 17th 2017

We are back for episode seven of Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist and we are treated to how devious and dangerous Harold Meachum actually is. He is murderous, a liar and a manipulator his only goal is to regain his power and freedom no matter what it costs Danny and Ward. Harold is always using Ward or demanding things from him but Harold knows exactly want to say to get Ward to come to his aid when he is most reluctant, “I need you son.” Of course, Ward cannot turn down an opportunity to prove himself to his father even if it means dumping bodies in a pond in the park. Harold will also be dead by the end of this episode; in a way that is very true to is contact name in Ward’s phone.

bad dad 2

Things at Rand and things against The Hand are not going great for Danny in this episode the one place his life is making positive progress is with colleen. Their relationship takes another unexpected jump forward and we get to see Danny lose his virginity.

brown chicken brown cow

The scene is somewhat sweet but poorly written from a character perspective. Danny took a vow of chastity, he just saw Harold kill 2 men, he is struggling with how Madame Gao cheated in the tournament and how she may know his father, but he has no awkward moments during his first intimate encounter and even asks if she is sure about it, like it was his idea. Danny and Colleen have a connection, sex can be a great distraction, and stress reliever but it all flowed too easily for it not to be a little awkward for me the viewer.

board member

“The idiotic dream of a child” a verbal attack at Danny from a member of the board after Danny unveiled his latest plan to make Rand a company that always does the right thing. Idiotic may be a bit harsh depending on how you look at how Danny approaches business. It may not be the best for the bottom line all the time but he is great for the public image of the company. In the end, it won’t matter if the public loves you and that the employees love you if no one can purchase your product at a rate that will keep the company afloat. Companies can work with the ideals Danny Holds but it could crush a company to do a complete 180 as he is asking Rand to do. Rand does right is the headline written by Daredevil’s Karen Page about Danny closing the plant, but as we all know, no good deed goes unpunished.

hatchet men

Danny and Colleen with the help of the hatchet men attack the hand to free the chemist again to ruin Gao’s heroin plan for the second time. Radovan doesn’t survive the rescue attempt but he does tell Danny enough to propel us into next week’s episode, Gao is heading to the town the Danny was on his way to when his plane crashed 15 years ago. Is it a coincidence, did Danny’s father work with Gao, or was he on his way there to shut down some illegal activity in one of his factories? I hope that we will find out next week.


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