Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:29

Episode Title: Island of Illusion Part 2
Original Airdate: November 4, 1993

Well, when we last left the Power Rangers, they had been zapped off to Rita’s Island of Illusion. Here they’ve run into a weird little dude named Quagmire and have been warned that they will have to face their worst fears. That’s just what happened to Zack when he ran into a giant snake. Now he’s slowly disappearing McFly sibling style. Let’s see if the rangers can find a way off the island in Island of Illusion Part 2.


As we begin this chapter, Quagmire informs the rangers that they need to think positive thoughts to keep from vanishing. Zack thinks back to when he defeated the Black Knight in a previous episode which manages to stop the vanishing act. From there, one by one, the rangers each encounter illusions that cause them to freak out. This includes everything from Tommy imagining that the others are putties trying to attack him, to Kimberly having a strange vision of Bulk and Skull as angels!?! In each case, the rangers have to remember events from previous episodes to restore their confidence.


After all six rangers have been tested, they get their power coins and communicators back. They then transport off the island and back into the Mega Zord. They then form the Mega Dragon Zord and get some help from Titanis and form the Ultra Zord. Then they manage to blast Mutitus (remember him from last time) and save Angel Grove once again. Oh, and then Zack goes on to win the dance competition over Bulk.


I gotta admit, this episode really let me down. Part 1 was pretty good and I liked the set up with the island. Then, what does the payoff end up being….a clip show!?! Clip shows are a regular thing for many series’. It’s a way to churn out one more episode, but costing less than a totally new episode would. Though, the setups for the clips are a little better than what many shows do. At least thinking back to past monsters has a purpose. It’s not just, “gee, remember that time when blah blah blah happened?”


The little dude Quagmire also doesn’t end up being a welcome part of the story. In fact, he gets a bit annoying. Everything he says is in rhyme. He’s a walking Dr. Seuss book! Though, I did have a little bit of concern for him when Rita blows up the island after the rangers escape. Fear not, though, Quagmire survives and ends up as the DJ at the dance off at the end of the episode.


The strangest thing about this episode, though, is the illusion experienced by Kimberly. Whereas Zack sees snakes, Trini stars flashing back to her fear of heights, Kimberly sees Bulk and Skull as angels. Why is her worst fear Bulk and Skull actually being nice? That doesn’t make a lick of sense!

So, pretty sneaky there, rangers. Turning a part two of a story into a clip show. It’s what I would’ve expected from Rita, but not you guys. Next time, though, we get back to a regular episode featuring a giant monster rock. Join us next time for The Rockstar.


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