Iron Fist S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus
Originally Aired: March 17 2017

I haven’t mentioned it before but I am a fan of the opening credits for Iron Fist. It features a warrior made of molten iron going through a kata with flashes of yellow to represent the fist. The theme has a lot of bass and reverb in it and I always find it enjoyable even though it doesn’t kick off the show and comes a few minutes later, interrupting the story. A lot has changed in a short while for our main characters and we have added a new character to the roster if only for a short while. Clair Temple has made her at least her first appearance in Iron Fist.


With her showing up to take lessons from Colleen it that means she has been in all four shows now and is truly the through line. I think that was a smart choice by the creative team. Rosario Dawson is the biggest name in any of the shows except for maybe Vincent D’Onofrio, she is not a villain and she is a normal human being sucked into this world of extraordinary people just like the audience. It doesn’t take long for her job as the night nurse to make a return as Danny and Colleen bring a man injured in a fight with the Hand to her for help.

love is in the air

One new thing this episode that I didn’t love is the budding relationship between Colleen and Danny. The fact that it is happening is no surprise it was either going to be her or Joy and I was actually rooting Colleen to be the one. My issue is with the speed that things progressed, most of the first 4 episodes it was a sense of honor and just being a good person that Colleen Kept letting Danny intrude on her life; but as soon as she sees him this episode its instant googly eyes. Some of the flirting is fun like the Ninja Turtlesesque weapons challenge, and the moment they shared while talking about how they both suck at flirting. I don’t know if this plot point is being rushed for a purpose or if it is as simple as a few scenes being cut here and there in the first four episodes.

weapons demonstration

The love in the air isn’t the only new thing to come on in a hurry this week. We can add Wards drug addiction to that list. In one episode, we see him tempted to abuse his prescription painkillers and instead opt for heroin, because it was around. I know he has a stressful job and his father is the worst but really, heroin on a whim is a bit much.

I am still enjoying the show but the fact that it feels rushed is impossible to ignore and with good but not great action, the show is taking its fair share of lumps. I am enjoying the overall arc of the season to this point and I like the inclusion of the corporate challenges that Danny is being entangled in. Tonight’s corporate conflict is ripped from the headlines, as Rand is under siege by people who may be suffering because of one of their plants. Even if the company is obeying the laws as Joy said, “there are laws that haven’t been written yet” and they will always have legal battles to fight. Joy is again suffering the most, as she is the best person on the board other than Danny and as the main legal counsel for Rand, she is the one who has to turn away the families with sick children. We know that Ward may not be long for his current life and even though Joy said, she was not going anywhere I could see Danny influencing her to find a nobler path.

I will be back next week to find out how the love story is going, if Ward is now a junky and how Joy is handling things and I hope you will join me.


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