Daredevil S:02 E:12

Episode Title? The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
Originally Aired: March 18th 2016

The penultimate episode of the season is upon us and it was at full stride from the second it opened. The only recurring character that does not have something important to do is Claire; everyone else has his or her life changed in some way.

Frank finds out who the Blacksmith is and at the end of the episode, we are left wondering what his next move will be. Whatever it is, it will be bloody, because he has an arsenal at hand and will finally don the iconic skull vest.

punishing time

The skull symbol is understated but there is no denying that is what it is, if I had to guess we will not see it painted white in next week’s episode but one can hope. Early on in the season, they hinted that everything that happened might have been a result of something that occurred while he was serving in the military. All of that took a back seat to the Blacksmith storyline about the rival gangs, heroin trafficking and D.A. Reyes’ misdeeds. Frank’s military career connection comes screaming back into play and we are left wondering just what happened in Kandahar, and who else needs to be punished.

Karen starts and ends the episode distraught. I know I said she was going on me but that is beginning to wane. This season we have seen her become close with Matt and end that, we saw her become close in a non-romantic way with Frank now she wants nothing to do with him. Karen has had great things to do and has been well acted but she seems to be lacking motivation. She began the season terrified that she would be punished for killing a man at the end of last season and I wonder if her need for Frank to forgive someone is a reflection of her need to forgive herself. That is the only thing I could come up with as a motivation for her other than her sense of justice and Frank right to answers of what happened to his family. I hope that in the final episode, we get a scene where she is talking to Foggy, Ellison or even Matt about what has been driving her this season and where she wants to go from here.

Foggy has been talking to Marci again and may have a chance at a high profile job with her firm. The only thing that may stop him is that he and Matt finally talk to each other for the first time since Foggy was shot.

closing time

I want Foggy will stay with the firm and so we will get more of those great Nelson and Murdock interactions next season but I am not so sure it will happen. You can tell that his heart is not in leaving and that Matt could talk him into staying and rebuilding their firm and their friendship. Before Matt can do that, he has to decide if he wants to keep being Matt Murdock or if he wants to live his life solely as Daredevil. Foggy may be losing a friend but he has found confidence in his skills as a lawyer, he now knows he is just as capable as Matt, if he decides to stay they will really be able to do great things for the residents of Hell’s Kitchen.

Between present day and flashbacks, the main storyline of this episode revolves around Elektra. I first have to say that Lily Chee who played young Elektra impressed me.

yound elektra

This was her first actual role she has acted before but only in a series of commercials for various clothing lines. She did very well, from her action scenes to her emotional goodbye. She still has plenty of room to grow but I look forward to seeing her in more things. We learn a lot about Elektra in this episode, but the surface has barely been scratched they could probably do an entire third season on what happens to her next and what it means for Matt and the rest of the world. After seeing this episode I may have been a bit too hard on her last week, I still stand by what I said but I guess I could have been a little less aggressive. She has abandonment issues and nearly uncontrollable rage, the combination of fear and anger along with her fighting skills make her extremely dangerous. I think that if Matt had not rejected her that she would have dedicated her life to him just for the feeling of being loved. The only questions I would have is when will she slip and how bad will it be, if they worked as a team I’m not sure she could contain her lust for killing for very long.

Daredevil is still doing his best to stop the Hand, not kill anyone, a task at which he failed tonight, and protect everyone he can.

mad girl

Matt is wrestling with letting his normal life disappear under the mask. Should his life be all about fighting evil or should he also fight for his friends and for Karen? With just one episode left will Matt be able to stop the Hand’s plot, tonight was all about Elektra but what happened to the five kids they took from the hospital and what’s in that sarcophagus that needs so much blood? Elektra was famously killed in the comics and killed again in the Daredevil movie; will this be her fate in the next week’s season finale? Will be a Nelson and Murdock to come back to next season and even if there is will they need a new assistant if Karen prefers a job at the newspaper? So many questions and just one episode to go come back next week when I discuss the exciting conclusion to Daredevil season 2.


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