Jess Archer Vs S:01 Ep:02

Jess Archer 3

Hooray; we are back with another exciting episode of Jess Archer Vs.  When we last left our dynamic duo of Jess(Emily Williams) and Chase(Stefan Kumor).  They were being hired by Troy the captain of the lacrosse team who claims he was being framed for giving away the answers to the mid terms.  I mean, he wasn’t just giving them away.  He was accused of selling them at a reasonable price.  At least I’m guessing they were reasonable.  I know nothing about the market of test answers for high school academic tests.  Wait a minute,why am I making any accusations on this person whom I barely have any knowledge of.  Let’s leave the interrogation to our two gumshoes, shall we.


Their first witness is Ludo(Christopher J Young) who was next in line to take over the seat of the captain once Troy got expelled.  Jess thinks that like the first Thor movie.  Ludo aka Loki tricks Troy aka Thor into making a rash decision that will get him banished from school aka Asgard.  Ludo explains to both Jess and Chase that Troy is his best friend and that those actions would have little help since he already has a lacrosse scholarship.  Chase then believes that with Troy out of the picture.  Ludo will now have his choice of any of the cheerleaders.  One of those ladies is Chase’s former girlfriend Melinda(Linsey Summers) who once got very stab happy when he broke up with her.  Their interrogation ends when they are called into the offices of Officer Turner(Joel Stigliano)  What will happen next to our two beloved school sleuths.  Find out more next week

EP 2 Mel

It was nice to see the character of Melinda back again and I’m curious at why she went from goth chick to cheerleader.  Ludo may still be hiding something with his story and it will be interesting to see how his story stands up once Jess investigates further.

You can watch the full episode here and judge for yourselves.


Check out these great outtakes from episode 1.


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Creator and Director Amy Taylor was on a recent episode of FilmWhys Talking about Jess Archer Vs. She joins host Bubbawheat in talking about the best bad movie The Room and the 1972 horror anthology film Tales From The Crypt.


Filmwhys #71 The Room and Tales From the Crypt



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