iZombie S:02 E:19

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Salivation Army
Original Airdate: 4-12-16

Even though they aired Eps. 18 and 19 back-to-back last week, I had to split the reviews up to give them each enough attention. I had planned on posting this last week, but never got around to finishing it, so here it is a week later.

Stacy Boss sends his goons to take out Don E. and Chief when he realizes Blaine’s Utopium is still being sold. Chief dies, but Don E. convinces the hitmen that Blaine is still alive, just as he walks through the door. Blaine escapes, but Don E. tells Boss’s goons that Blaine was sleeping with Peyton, while ratting out Boss. Don E. is shot in the chest, but now that he’s a zombie, he lives. Blaine shows up at Peyton and Liv’s, infuriating Ravi. Blaine leaves again to get some dinner, but while he’s gone the goons show up and kidnap Peyton, hoping that it will prompt Blaine to turn himself in. When Blaine returns, he and Ravi (who’s just gotten back together with Peyton) go to Boss’s office. As Ravi waits in the car, Blaine takes out all of Boss’s men and saves Peyton, who is extremely scared and grateful, much to Ravi’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, knowing where the thawed zombies are being held, Liv and Major devise a plan to break into Max Rager, during a big “lock-in” party Van du Clark is throwing. Fully disguised as servers, the two look for a scientist that Major is relatively certain will help them get into the basement. Meanwhile, said scientist sneaks off to the stairwell with some of his co-workers, and the small group decide to live a little and do Utopium. Unfortunately, it’s some of the tainted Utopium from the Boat Party Massacre, which they chase with none other than a Max Rager energy drink, turning them into a raging pack of full-on zombies. The party turns into another massacre, even killing Rob Thomas, leaving Liv, Major and Clive (who joined in the fun) to contain the mayhem. With the trio trapped and out of ammo, Liv offers to turn Clive so the reanimated zombies coming after him will stop craving his living brain. Before he must make that choice though, Vivian Stoll (a private military contractor who’s just bought Max Rager to turn all of her mercenaries into super soldiers with the Super Max formula) comes to the rescue. She and her men go to clear the rest of the building as Liv, Major and Clive head down to the basement, where they become separated by VDC himself. Liv and Clive find the thawed zombies, but sadly they’re too late to save Drake, who has turned full Romero during VDC’s experiments to find a cure for Rita. Liv tries to connect with any humanity he might have left, but when attacks Clive, she puts him down for good. Major and Rita deal with VDC, who releases a gas that will “deanimate” them (turn them into full on zombies). Major shoots through the glass of Rita’s cell, hitting VDC in the hand, which render his fingerprints useless for the high security elevator ride up to safety. Major leaves VDC alone in the elevator as a fully zombified Rita attacks her daddy dearest. Upstairs the elevator doors open to VDC’s office, where Liv and Clive left the remaining thawed zombies. Just as zombie Rita runs toward Clive, a waiting Major takes her out for good. But before the season can end on a happy note, Liv finds Vivian Stoll at the party massacre munching on Rob Thomas’s brains, proclaiming Seattle will soon be the heart of the new zombie world order.

iZombie 2-19

Damn, y’all! This episode was so much fun and action packed. Liv and Major on Janko’s brain worked perfectly, as they used his knowledge of Max Rager without devolving into some unnecessary personality quirks, which could have been aplenty. And they just make a good team. I’m beginning to think they work better as friends than lovers.

I am very grateful Clive didn’t let Liv turn him when things were looking grim. Of course, Vivian Stoll saving the trio was quite the deus ex machina, but I would have been very disappointed if Clive turned Team Z. It would not have fit the dynamic right. And though Steven Weber was a lot of fun as Van du Clark, his time was up. It’s hard to let go of good villains, but it’s good to know when to do it. Good riddance to Rita though. I never thought she was all that necessary.

The only downer is the permanent death of Drake. I wasn’t particularly attached to him, but I feel like Liv’s boyfriends die far too quickly. I’m still heartbroken over Lowell from last season. STILL. I wish we’d gotten to know Drake a bit more before his final moments, especially after Liv learned his true identity after his abduction. They deserved one more scene together, perhaps a quick reunion before he had to play the hero. That’s just a fan preference though.

The only other thing that bugged me is this potential love triangle between Ravi, Peyton and Blaine. I’m very on the fence about where that’s headed. Blaine is such a good bad guy, that I’m not sure I want to see him be a hero.

That Rob Thomas joke though…I’m still giggling. Glad Rob Thomas and Rob Thomas both have such good senses of humor. Some may think it was a cheap gag, but I loved it.

iZombie - Rob Thomas

Take note The Walking Dead: That’s how you do a zombie series season finale with a real cliffhanger.


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