iZombie S:02 E:15

iZombie S2

Episode Title: He Blinded Me with Science
Original Airdate: 3-22-16

And, after yet another hiatus, we’re back. This week Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a scientist who was burned alive. She had been a researcher for a drug company with results that went very awry for one poor test subject, which leaves a few suspects, like the scarred test subject and the deceased’s former partner. But during all the questioning, Liv has a vision of the scientist working for none other than Van du Clark at Max Rager. Liv goes under cover to learn more, but gets caught by VDC when she tries to sneak into the super secret basement lab. However, she has another vision of a full-on zombie, which leads her to believe that Max Rager is experimenting on the undead in said super secret basement lab (which is totally true).

Meanwhile, Blaine is back on the brains. His reversion happened just in time, right when Stacy Boss decided to slit his throat and bury him in a shallow grave. Blaine decides to lie low, with Boss believing he’s dead, and bury his entire stock of Utopium. He also accepts Ravi’s latest batch of test cure, that has shown more promising results than any others, because if Blaine dies, his zombie clients will be let loose to feed on Seattle.

At Max Rager, VDC also adds Drake to Major’s list of potential zombies to inspect. And while down in the basement, VDC tries to test the zombie subject being pumped with the new Super Max energy drink to its limits, causing it to break free, attacking the scientist and then Rita/Gilda who fell while being chased and was promptly left behind by her dear old dad. When VDC thinks he’s safely back in his office, Rita/Gilda comes lurking back up to his doors. She’s clearly been in a fight with the zombie guinea pig, but it’s unclear if she’ll officially be playing for Team Z now. The episode ends with Major taking down Drake, for whom Liv was waiting, unsure of where their relationship stood after witnessing him driving Stacy Boss around earlier.

iZombie 2-15

This was a very entertaining episode, with all the elements working nicely together. Sometimes when they try to squeeze Boss and Max Rager into one episode, it feels like too much, but there was just enough of Boss to continue with Blaine’s most recent development and to show Liv part of Drake’s double (or triple) life, that it wasn’t trying to compete with the more prominent Rager/VDC story line this week. Liv’s scientist brain worked well. It was believable that this was the way a scientist thought and it pushed the Max Rager arc forward a smidgen. I wished we’d gotten more of Clive in this episode, as he seemed to take a backseat for most of it, and then there was nothing shown after he and Dale realized that they had indeed been given human brains by Suzuki’s wife, and the lab report had indeed been falsified. I guess they couldn’t get to everything in one episode, so I’m eager to see where that goes.

Overall, a good case and good world-building, so a great way to come back after a month off.


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