iZombie S:02 E:14

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind
Original Airdate: 2-23-16

This week we met the peppier side of our zombie heroine, after she ate the smashed brains of the owner of a local coffee shop. The victim stepped outside to admire some sidewalk art and got an air conditioner window unit dropped on her noggin. Ouch. It was a pretty standard case with an ex-lover running the rival coffee shop across the street, a thieving employee and a stingy daughter. The thing that did surprise me about the case was that they actually solved it, but the mastermind still got away while someone else took the fall. Usually Liv and Clive get their man (or woman) in the end. Sadly I wasn’t really down with Liv’s secondhand optimism acquired through her brainscotti. She spent most of the episode being obnoxiously positive, but it served no purpose. Though she straightened up by the end when she finally discovered that Gilda is Rita and Rita is Gilda (thanks to a perfectly timed visit from Major who is also now privy to this info) and then punched her in the face, before evicting her. Finally! It was a very satisfying sight to see.

In other news, Drake got busted by the cops, only to be revealed as a secret undercover agent trying to infiltrate Boss’s crime ring. WHAT?!!! I did not see that coming. I have a bad feeling it means he will die by the end of the season, but at least he’s not the really bad guy they were leading us to believe he might be. And of course it was fun seeing another Veronica Mars alum, Enrico Colantoni. I was wondering when he’d appear. Still holding out for Jason Dohring, though. *fingers-crossed*

iZombie 2-14

And then there was Blaine. Boss finally put two and two together and realized that Blaine is the one who gave the DA’s office all the info on his criminal empire. Poor Blaine ended up in a shallow grave after getting his throat slit. But not to worry, because the original “cure” he was injected with wore off just in time to revert him back to his zombie state. Yay! I hope that the episode didn’t want Blaine’s “death” to have a big shocking impact, because it was pretty obvious that he was going back to the undead side and would survive. Though this new shift in his non-living situation should be fun again.

Overall, this was a bland case-of-the-week paired with some very intriguing world-building that left me excited for the next episode…in a month’s time.


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