iZombie S:02 E:10

iZombie S2

Episode Title: Method Head
Original Airdate: 1-12-16

My favorite zombie is back after the holidays. Things weren’t looking too good for our undead heroine before the break. Clive dropped her from partner duties and she dumped Major for not being able to accept her dietary side effects, though for exes, she and Major really get along very well, almost too well to believe at times.

Things pick up right where they left off the next morning as Ravi breaks the news that his lab rat has reverted back to being a zombie and it’s only a matter of unknown time before Major and Blaine fall to the same fate. In order to develop a more permanent solution, Ravi now spends his free time digging in a hundred-acre field, hoping to find more tainted Utopium in the stomach of a dead drug dealer. Liv and Major join the search as well. Time skips through the holidays and Liv sends Babineaux case clues, but that’s all the involvement she’s allowed.

At Max Rager,  Major’s put to the test by Van due Clark when one of the basement scientists brings him all the info on the company’s zombie trials, threatening to take it to the press. Major takes it to Van, thereby cementing his loyalty to the Max Rager big wig. Of course what Van doesn’t know is that the heart monitor his trainer gave him is bugged, so Major can now eavesdrop on all of Van and Gilda’s private conversations. Meanwhile, Blaine’s visited by Agent Bozzio since his number appeared on the phones of two missing persons being investigated by the FBI. After getting the brush-off, Bozzio ends up back at the station to see the sketch of Blaine lying on Babineaux’s desk for his Meat Cute case. Things are starting to come together, and I have a bad feeling Bozzio won’t survive the finale, though it might be too early to call.

As for the case-of-the-week, it revolved around a murder on the set of a cheesy zombie tv show set at a high school. One of the stars is killed when his co-star’s prop gun was switched with a real one. Apparently he was a super diva on set and had plenty of enemies. After Liv helped Clive solve a difficult case from her allowed distance, he agrees to let Liv tag along and take things on a day-by-day basis for this new case. After her meal break, Liv is ready for her close-up as the deceased was considered (mainly by himself) to be quite the method actor.

iZombie 2-10

I really enjoyed almost everything happening this week. The case was fantastic because Zombie High is definitely the kind of stupid show I would binge on Netflix for fun. In fact, I’m now disappointed it’s not a real show afterall. Ironically, Liv being OTT on brains made sense in the context of the plot. And her antics were only a few small moments that worked really well, instead of running around the entire episode in a cape and mask like last episode. Everything came together quite nicely and I was very reminiscent of Season 1.

The only thing I didn’t like, but the episode wouldn’t have worked otherwise, is that Babineaux rejoined forces with Liv too quickly. In the episode there was a several week time skip, but for us it’s literally the next case. I know that’s the premise of the show and it wouldn’t really work without them together, but I wanted Liv’s actions from “Cape Town” to have more of a lasting impact. At least she and Major are still broken up…for now.

Glad to have the show back and with such a strong episode. This is the iZombie I fell in love with and I hope to see the same quality continue for the remainder of the season.


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