SuperMansion S:01 E:08

Episode Title: Brad Medicine

Originally Aired: 11-12-15

The latest episode of SuperMansion is the first of the series to present a strong message as well as a ton of pop culture jokes. It is also the first episode that features Brad. It turns out Brad is not a natural-born superhero like Rex, but instead is the result of an experiment at Optocorp, a combination of real life “evil” corporations and Oscorp from the Marvel universe. Brad is the first and only subject to survive the administering of their serum. It increases his size and strength, and makes him virtually invulnerable. The only thing that didn’t increase in size is his head. Oddly enough, it is not the serum that makes him pink, it is just his natural coloring.


supermansion skinny brad


supermansion super brad

Since Rex left his home as a young man, the League has been his family. Like all families, it has continued to go grow over the years. Brad joined the team just a year ago after Rex found him beating up a drug dealer in Piston City. Every day for a year Brad has been hiding the fact that all of his abilities come from the serum Optocorp continues to provide him, and when a shipment fails to arrive, he quickly begins to revert to his normal self.

We are introduced to two new villains in this episode: Ratapult and Whiplash, a new evil duo that is trying to steal a baby panda from the local Storm City Zoo. However, this non-dynamic duo is not the main antagonist for Brad in this episode. It is what the majority of the team fears most, game night. The first Friday of every other month is officially league game night and is strictly enforced by Rex. Rex loves board games of all sorts, but is a sore loser and winner, and must physically threaten the rest into playing with him.

supermansion game night

Optocorp has cancelled the drug trail that made Brad a superhero and has moved on to a new project, Project Chad. He is disposing of all the remaining serum and refuses to give what’s left of the stock to Brad. The only response Brad can come up with is to plan an Ocean’s 11 style heist. He originally plans to go alone because he is afraid to let the team know his secret, but when he is caught in his natural form by Cooch, she offers to help him so she can get out of game night. Once Cooch is on board, Brad decides that going with a team is best. Unwilling to ask the rest of the league, he turns to the villains that are locked in the basement of the mansion.

Things we learned during this episode:
Super powers don’t make you a hero, it is your actions.
Being a family isn’t about blood, it’s about who you can count on and who you are there for.
Rex and Lex can shoot lasers from their metal hands.
Jewbot can project semi-corporeal holograms.
Ranger sings America the Beautiful while masturbating.

Will Brad get his serum back and once again become a hero? Will he regret the choice to form a team with super villains? And what will Rex do if they don’t make it back for game night?  Find out now on an internet connected device near you.


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