SuperMansion S:01 E:07

Episode Title: A Midsummer Night’s Ream
Originally Aired: 11-05-15

One of my favorite things from the newest episode of SuperMansion takes place in the intro: We see a quick glimpse of all the villains the League has had to fight this season, followed by the silhouettes of the bad guys still to come. There seemed to be a lot of them, which raises my hopes of a full on League of Justice vs the Injustice Club fight.

This week’s episode, like the Shakespeare play referenced in the title, has four parallel stories that center around relationships. The central character this time around is Black Saturn. We learn he has had an affair with a cat burglar named Blood Moon, who has a very similar silhouette to a famous DC feline super villain. The dark and brooding Saturn is a hopeless romantic who just wants to be loved and is devastated that Blood Moon wants their tryst to be a thing of the past. Every time Saturn gets dumped he becomes more Hulk or Hyde than Batman, as he loses control of his temper and must be forcefully subdued by his teammates.

After Brad, Rex and Ranger were all needed to calm Saturn down, they decide to go to a MuscleReam gym run by the inventor Johnny Rabdo with the goal of impressing chicks and getting in better shape.

rabdo supermansion ep7

Johnny looks like a cross between Johnny Bravo, Peter Griffin and Syndrome from The Incredibles. This gym is an obvious knock on the current CrossFit phenomenon. MuscleReam targets regular people and superheros alike, taking them through increasingly outrageous workouts to destroy and possibly rebuild their bodies.

While those three are off getting ripped, Cooch and Lex play helpers to Saturn and Jewbot. They encourage Saturn to get back out there and try dating again, and that nothing will get better by crying in the bathtub. One of the funnier moments of the season thus far is when we get to see the video Saturn put on OK Cupid 3 years ago. It takes the unnatural over produced introduction video most of us have seen to the extreme. With Lex’s help he is able to join Tinder, I mean Plunder, a mobile dating app that lets you know who’s in a five-mile radius and interested. However, after a series of bad encounters and a woman telling him that girls like a man who is funny, a desperate Saturn turns to the Groaner for help.

Once Saturn is in a better mood and out dating again, Cooch and Lex turn their attention to Jewbot’s problem. After seeing Saturn in the bathtub and realizing that he doesn’t have a penis like other men, Jewbot decides it is not because he is a robot, but because he is a woman. So for the first time since the first episode, Jewbot changes his name and is now Bernice.

bernice supermansion 7

I am sure some people will find how the show handles the issue of gender identity to be somewhat insensitive, because it happens in an instant and is not a life long belief. I think those that would be upset should remember that this show is a comedy and discussion of the topic is important no matter what form it takes.

It is while helping Bernice embrace her new gender that Lex gets what she wants, Cooch’s friendship. Now that Lex is no longer the new girl, she is less of a threat to Cooch, letting the two have a great night out drinking and dancing, all while helping Bernice find a mate (which she does).

The next morning while Rex, Brad and Ranger are too sore to move, Bernice is dealing with the ramifications of her first hookup. Lex and Cooch are fighting massive hangovers, and Saturn is swooning over a potential new girlfriend, when the villain of the episode attacks.

Will the team survive the villainous surprise attack? Who did Bernice take home from the club? Will Saturn regret turning to the Groaner for help? Find out today on an internet-connected device near you.


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