SuperMansion S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Lex
Original Airdate:10-29-15

Congratulations, it’s a girl! Lex Lightning may be the long-lost illegitimate daughter that Rex never knew about.

lex supermansion 6

Her mom told her that she is the product of a one night stand in Des Moines and tried to hide Rex’s relationship from her. We never find out if Lex eventually found out from her mom or if she came to this conclusion on her own because her and Rex each have an organic titanium hand. The arrival of Lex is met with various amounts of enthusiasm: Ranger, Saturn and Brad couldn’t be happier, Jewbot doesn’t care and Cooch is not happy about having another girl in the mansion. Cooch’s main part in this episode is to pop in and out to voice her displeasure and having Lex around. Rex has the most complex reaction as he is both excited and terrified at the prospect of being a father. It is his fear over what being a father, a family man, will mean that leads him to make some bad decisions. Running, hiding, and drinking while contemplating his situation is easily the least egregious. While trying to decide what he should do next Rex has Jewbot run a paternity test on Lex. Unfortunately this is what Jewbot will do, largely off-screen, for most of the episode.

Are you ready to rock? The newest and potentially only all superhero super band Razr Dik is here to give you what you need.

Razr dik supermansion 6

After eavesdropping on a conversation between Lex and Cooch, Ranger, Saturn and Brad decide to form a band to satisfy Lex’s weakness for musicians. Saturn, who always wants to come off as dark and brooding, wants to play Death Metal; Brad wants to pound out electronica on his keytar; and Ranger, a true man of the 40’s, prefers Ragtime music. Musically it seems as though Saturn wins the argument as the band sings songs about dangerous unicorns and black rainbows. They can not decide on a uniform look though, so each band member chooses a look inspired by their own musical tastes. As they become more serious about their music, they hire a manager, Jewbot’s Rabbi, and even kick Lex out of rehearsals so they can focus.

After spending sometime with the band Lex gets what she really wants, some one on one time with Rex, where she hopes he will teach her how to fly and master the rest of her abilities. While out on a flight to try to connect with each other Rex has a panic attack about the importance of parenthood and with no place to hide he decides to abandon Lex on the top of a mountain. Word of his actions hits the media after Lex is rescued and once again Sgt. Agony returns in a threatening press conference where he tells Rex he is coming for him. In order to rebuild his image in the eyes of the public, Rex will at least pretend to be father of the year. He even goes as far as contacting Robodino, a T-rex with titanium arms, and tells him he will sign over the name Titanium Rex to Robodino if he pretends to rob a bank so the father and daughter can stop him together. It almost goes according to plan, but Lex who is developing super magno-hearing catches a few details of the conversation and runs off in anger. Once the plan failed Rex never signs over ownership of the name to Robodino, who in retaliation kidnaps Lex and holds her for ransom.

Robodino supermansion 6

There are several questions left to be answered as the episode concludes: will Lex be ok, Will Rex sign over the name, will Razr Dik be sued for failure to record a hit song, is Rex really Lex’s father? Find out today on an internet connected device near you.


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