SuperMansion S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Puss in Books
Original Airdate: 10-22-15

The title of this episode is obviously a play on the 17th century fairytale Puss in Boots, a story of a talking entrepreneurial cat who comes from humble beginnings to be the pet of a great lord. As the title suggests, this episode focuses on Cooch, who during the filming of an educational PSA is outed as being illiterate. There is no villain, returning or otherwise in this episode, instead, the “bad guy” is Sgt. Agony who is back for the first time since episode 1. Agony stumbles across a YouTube video of Cooch struggling with cue cards while looking for clips that promise to blow his mind.

supermansion ep5-1

Since being defeated in an accounting battle by Jewbot, he has held a grudge against Rex and the rest of the League of Freedom, and plans to use a rule about minimum education standards to kick Cooch out of the mansion.  

The secondary story-line follows Ranger as he makes a heartbroken trek across the country looking to restore his faith in the American Dream by traveling to Detroit.supermansion ep5-2

Ranger was disillusioned about the state of America after teaching US history to Cooch and learning some alarming facts. Unlike the scene in the first Avengers movie where we see Captain America’s notebook of things to learn about, no one bothered to mention the bad side of American history to Ranger: the assassination of JFK, the resignation of Nixon, the Iran Contra, 9/11 and Joe Millionaire. Ranger has a crisis of faith and sets off on his American-built motorcycle to reignite his love for America. Along the way he meets Reggie (voiced by Breckin Meyer) who tells him the best way to experience the Dream is to get high and ride into the desert to meet his friend Hawkfeather.

After Ranger’s breakdown, Cooch is left with principal Rex, school bully Saturn, chemistry teacher Brad and home economics teacher Jewbot, and one week to prepare for her GED exam in order to stay in the league. Rex spends most of his time, worrying about Cooch, arguing with Sgt. Agony and answering phone calls that would make you think his number was 876-5309. Saturn is completely unhelpful teasing Cooch and attacking Rex with spitballs. Brad is more focused on getting back into an intimate relationship with Cooch than being a good teacher. Jewbot on the other hand is desperate to be a positive influence in the Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting mold.

While Cooch is battling a catastrophic case of ADD, Ranger finally meets Hawkfeather, who tells him that he must fight and defeat his spirit animal in order to heal his spirit or die trying. A man who dresses up as a giant star spangled bald eagle has a surprising spirit animal.supermansion ep5-3

A fire breathing albino buffalo is the symbol of Ranger’s inner turmoil over the loss of his belief in the American Dream.

Will Cooch pass her test and get to stay in the mansion, or be forced to return to her life as a regular cat? Will Ranger find his faith and be able to defeat his spirit animal, or will the team possibly lose two members? Find out next Thursday October 29th, on an internet-connected device near you.


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