SuperMansion S:01 E:04

Episode Title: A Shot In The Dark.
Original Airdate: 10-15-15

The inspiration for the fourth episode of SuperMansioncan can be summed up by Dadant, dadant, dadant dadant dadant dadant dadant dadaaaaaaant. This episode is split into two main story lines at a nearly 50-50 split, one that introduces another returning villain and the other bringing back the threat of episode 1 and a decreased budget. Within these two story lines each character has something to do which is a first for the series and shows potential growth of the series and its writers. Another first for the show is something that a lot of movies, such as Transformers 4 are criticized for: product placement.

supermansion product

This was performed at a satirical level because not only was the product prominently displayed more than once during the show, a commercial for it was shown during the show.

The episode begins in a flashback to World War II. American Ranger as been captured, tied to a chair and about to be killed personally by Adolf Hitler when he is saved by his sidekick Kid Victory. Once free, Ranger and Kid Victory go on to defeat several Nazis and commit a few war crimes.

supermansion war crimes

After Ranger was frozen in time Kid Victory grew up and eventually became the Secretary of Defense, who could reinstate the operating budget of the league. Rex decides that the best thing to do is to have Ranger invite him over for dinner so they can sweet talk him into helping out the team and his old partner. While Rex and Ranger stay behind to talk with the Secretary the rest of the team is sent to the store to buy the food they need for dinner.

The team has the most adventurous trip to a grocery store anyone has ever seen. There is a shopping spree, obsession with a past villain, dealings with the Italian mob and one member even gets a new job. The new old villain of the week is Bugula, a humanoid insect that drives a minivan and has a kid in daycare.

supermansion bugula

Black Saturn ignores the mission for groceries because he is preoccupied with Bugula and refuses to believe that the villain could be reformed. Saturn is determined to keep a dark vigilance over Buglua until he reveals his evil plan. This is where the Pink Pather inspiration kicks into high gear, with the focus on the 1964 movie A Shot In The Dark. Someone loses a finger, another stabs himself and lots of innocent people are hurt because a hero refuses to believe the evidence presented to them. Darren the store manager becomes increasingly frustrated with the antics of Saturn and the rest of the team except for Jewbot whom he gives a job.

Back at the mansion Rex is trying to entertain Kid Victory while putting off constant and very strong advances from Gloria, Rangers elderly wife. While trying to hide this sexual relationship another relationship comes to light as Kid Victory reveals to Ranger that he is gay. As a soldier with 1940’s sensibilities this is not the easiest information for Ranger to come to terms with, even wishing that the world would come back to his way of thinking instead of him joining the modern consensus.

Will Bugula return to a life of crime? Will Ranger conquer his homophobia? And how many people will respond to his internet search for a fit young boy? Tune in, have a few laughs and find out.