SuperMansion S01 Ep01

Episode Title: Groaner’s Wild
Original Airdate: 10-8-15

Crackle’s first animated stop motion show premiered October 8th with its first three episodes. It then will become weekly for 10 weeks ending December 17th. This is not a show for the easily offended among us. It will make jokes about race, gender, age, weight and religion and do them very well. After watching the first episode I couldn’t wait to see more, the jokes came quickly and nonstop which lends itself to repeat viewing. In a world of superhero teams and their origins, Supermansion instead follows a well-established team and its senior citizen leader Titanium Rex (Bryan Cranston).

Supermansion 1-1

The team consists of six members: Titanium Rex, an elderly man with the ability to fly, super strength, enhanced vision and hearing; Robobot, a multipurpose android who has an existential crisis, discovers religion and changes his name to Jewbot; Cooch, who is an artificially evolved cat that has increased speed and agility; Black Saturn, a man with hand-to-hand fighting skills and an assortment of throwing disks; American Ranger, a beacon of the American dream who uses wings to fly, has enhanced strength, and a 1940’s sensibility; The final team member is Brad, who has enhanced strength, invulnerability, and his only weakness is for erotic massage. Individual team member posters can be seen here. Think of it as a very adult Super Friends, 20 years later.

Supermansion 1-2

In the first episode we find the team facing off against two enemies, the Blue Menace and the Groaner, a technologically advanced cat burglar and an evil prop comic. A battle against the Blue Menace that leaves the Washington monument destroyed and the public asking if we still need a League of Freedom. The Senate believes that Rex has lost control of his team and that they are no longer worth the large sums of money they are paid to keep America free…er.

The Senate agrees to not shut down the team, temporarily, only if they can pass an audit of their expenses, by Sgt. Agony. A ruthless military accountant who has many strange allergies that present themselves as he deals with the various team members. Fear of being shut down leads Rex to ask Jewbot for help with balancing the team’s books because he is good with money.

Supermansion 1-3

While the mansion is under a fiscal siege the city is attacked by the Groaner. Black Saturn will go out alone to fight his arch nemesis, while everyone else remains behind too answer questions. The Groaner is the first member of the rival Injustice Club that we are introduced to, with a promise of more to come. It is unclear if he is in fact still a member of the Club as he sets into motion his plan to outrage Black Saturn and destroy the League. Just what is the Groaner’s plan, will Jewbot cook the books before Sgt. Agony makes them a homeless super team, will Rex ever go to the Dr. for help with his enlarged prostate? Find out on this and future episodes of SuperMansion.