Fear the Walking Dead S:01 E:06


Episode Title: The Good Man
Original Airdate: 10-4-15

Travis, Madison and Daniel begin packing the essentials to head out to the desert like they initially planned, but not before stopping at the military compound to get their family members. In order to get in, they lead a horde of Walkers to the compound’s front gates (presumably from the stadium where the government locked thousands of innocent people in with the infected that Ofelia’s soldier boyfriend mentioned). Nick somehow managed to get a key to the gate where he and the mysterious stranger, Strand (best character so far), were being held, and escape as all hell breaks loose at the compound. Just as the two are about to become Walker snacks trapped against locked doors, with Madison watching through the window on the other side, Liza saves the day with her government issued key card.

Everyone makes it out of the compound, and as they are loading up to leave, Andrew, angry with Daniel for the torture he endured, shoots Ofelia (who will be fine), and Travis beats him into a bloody pulp. Strand leads them to his nice house on the coast, with the intention of boarding a fancy yacht and staying safe on the water. At the house, Liza hugs Chris and wanders off. Madison follows her and Liza reveals that during the escape she was bitten. Pulling out a gun, she asks Madison to end it, and reveals that everyone will come back no matter how they die. Travis comes up on the scene and, after much arguing, takes the gun from Madison and mercy kills his ex-wife.

Well, they amped up the excitement for the finale, but a Walker horde of 2,000 will do that. Unfortunately there were a few holes that are hard to just accept. How did Daniel get a horde that large free and to follow him, without anything going wrong? How did Nick get a key to the cage? What about Ofelia’s gunshot wound? How is it going to be okay? Did it go clean through? How did Liza hide her bite for so long and where was all the blood or signs of infection? So many questions and no answers. Very poor writing. The writers just needed things to be a certain way, so they made them magically happen, with no explanation. It’s aggravating.

FTWD 1-6

At least the action made my pulse quicken slightly. (During a TWD finale or even mid-season finale, I probably have a resting heart rate of 150 bpm.) I really started to take interest when Nick and Strand were trapped at the locked door. I became genuinely afraid Madison was going to have to watch her son be devoured in front of her. Alas, the show wasn’t ready to take such a leap and Liza showed up just in time. And Liza’s death wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. I assumed she’d sacrifice herself while others escaped, but her death did make more sense in the context of what we’ve seen.

The only thing that surprised me was Andrew shooting Ofelia. I should have known he’d be back after Travis set him free, but I wasn’t really focused on him since he was barely a character. However, it wasn’t really a big deal, since she’s clearly fine.

Overall, I’d say it was a decent finale, action and character wise, but it could have been better without all the stupid plot holes. My thoughts on the entire season will be up next Monday, along with the Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead. And I’ll be back this Wednesday with the Season 2 premiere of iZombie. Cheers!


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