Webseries: Vixen S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Episode 5
Original Airdate: 9-22-15

Welcome back to another Webseries Wednesday and once again I’m looking at another episode of the CW’s Vixen which can be found on the CW Seed website and app. This webseries is done through DC Animation and connects to the CW shows Arrow and the Flash and after four episodes we are finally introduced to the villain of the show more or less as well as the background of Mari’s life and her adoption. As usual, there is no embedding from CW Seed, so if you want to check out this week’s episode, click the link below to watch it on their site, or if you have the app you can search for it and watch it through there.

Click here to watch Vixen Episode 5 on CW Seed

Vixen Rhino

This episode is essentially the flashback episode where things are finally explained for those who have never heard of Vixen before now, which obviously would include me. The villain that has been after Mari and her necklace has finally been revealed to be Mari’s older sister, though she never actually tells Mari what her name is, she only tells her that she is her sister, you would have to look at the episode’s credits to figure out what her name actually is. And by the way, it is Kuasa. According to Kuasa, she was the rightful heir to the totem’s power, but their village was burned to the ground and their mother escaped with Mari and the totem, leaving Kuasa behind for reasons yet unexplained. Of course, while I doubt that she would be an unreliable narrator, she hasn’t exactly shown herself to be trustworthy in any sense of the word other than instead of killing Mari when she had the chance, she instead brought her to Africa and used a spider bite to remove the totem. Still not entirely sure how this show is going to wrap up next week but we’ll just have to wait until then to find out!


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