iZombie S:01 E:13

Episode Title: Blaine’s World
Original Airdate: 6-9-15

It seems like it’s only been a few weeks since iZombie started and it’s already time for the finale. There’s been plenty of buildup on several fronts and the payoff is a lot bloodier and more explosive than I would have ever expected. As far as my predictions go, I was very close to being right on one count, but wrong everywhere else. It took things in directions that I wouldn’t have ever seen coming, but they ultimately make a whole lot of sense for both the story and the characters themselves. And it sets itself up very nicely for an interesting season two.

iZombie Major badass

When we last left our heroes, Major was tied up at Meat Cute, Peyton found out that Liv was a zombie, and Liv’s brother just got a job working for Blaine. Before I go any further, I have liked Major more and more as the season has gone on and this episode he absolutely killed it for me. From being the boring, lily white character that he was in the first episode to the zombie killing badass in just thirteen episodes is quite the feat, but the show never pushed him along too fast. It made sense at every step of the way and it was amazing to see him pull off his escape from the walk in freezer to blow away Blaine’s entire crew.

Something that I did not really think of was the end result of the zombie cure that Ravi has been working on for the past few episodes. It made sense that Liv would consider initially using it on herself, even her pale zombie make up looked a little toned down this episode, I wondered if it was a conscious decision by the show to make her look a little bit more alive since she is wanting to be alive more than ever, especially after the way Peyton reacted. It was very smart for her to end up using the cure on Blaine, and I loved how the show subtly showed him after the fact enjoying his re-life by something as simple as enjoying his returned taste buds while savoring what looked like a Hostess Fruit Pie.

iZombie Major

Another slight surprise was how the deaths were handled. There were three characters that I was betting on who might die this episode: Blaine, Major, and Suzuki. Blaine was cured, Major was killed, turned into a zombie, and then cured, and Suzuki quite possibly killed himself via explosion. He was hauled off in a body bag, but since he was a zombie there’s always a possibility that he wasn’t fully dead just yet. But the way that Major’s death was handled was wonderful, if very quick. He was saved from a scratch by Liv, but instead of solving their relationship problems it only made them worse. It’s not the typical star-crossed lovers situation of a misunderstanding, instead the understanding is clear as day but the way they handle this new zombie situation is completely different. It was heart wrenching, and yet completely understandable to hear Major say that he would have preferred to stay dead rather than to have to eat brains for the rest of his unlife, and while it’s great that Liv has the caveat of solving people’s murders to help her sleep at night, he wouldn’t get to have that luxury. The only slight problem that I have with it is that it moved so quickly with Liv giving the other half of the cure to Major while his hair was only just starting to turn white.

iZombie balls

It wouldn’t be a season finale with the promise of a second season without some cliffhanger elements, and there are a couple doozies. The case of last week wasn’t completely left out in the cold and unresolved, instead we find a bit more out about Max Rager’s plans and finally see the internal memos and plans for Super Rager, and the last of the Asshats tries to walk away with 300k only to have the Max Rager goons after him. The episode ends with Liv spilling the beans to the paper, but the head of Max Rager isn’t out of the woods just yet. The Major saga doesn’t quite wrap up that easily either, Babineaux recognizes Blaine’s goon Julian in the Meat Cute massacre and immediately suspects Major. And when Suzuki goes out with a bang, he inadvertently takes out Liv’s little brother in the process, leaving him hanging onto a thread with Liv’s O-negative blood possibly the only thing that can save him, something that she just can’t do anymore. I can’t say any more good things about this episode, it was a great ride from start to finish and I’m looking forward to season two more than ever.


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