Webseries: We Might Be Superheroes S:02 E:02

Episode Title: The Villain is Vinyl
Original Airdate: 4-2-14

Welcome back to another episode of the webseries We Might Be Superheroes where we continue our conversation where we left off last week. As always, if you can’t wait to check out the rest of the episodes, visit their official website. After tackling so many villains it’s time to take a bit of a breather at the record store. Or so they thought.

Channel Superhero: What’s the inspiration for some of the costume designs for the various heroes and villains? I see a big Doctor Horrible influence for the villain Krewl Fate.

Rica de Ocampo: I feel that Hope is inspired by Black Canary from DC comics. I believe that Faith’s costume is influenced by Go Girl (Pat’s old movie The Adventures of El Frenetico & Go-Girl). As far as Krewl Fate goes, it’s actually a pretty funny story. I’m a big fan of Dr. Horrible and I said the same thing to Pat after we finished the first season. He got kind of aggressive and said, “Nope! I designed that costume 10 years before Dr. Horrible even came out…. DEE!” Krewl Fate’s costume came from Pat’s other productions: Dr. Volarious from Haunted Happening and the unitard is left over from the Fop from El Frenetico


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