Arrow S:03 E:18

Arrow Season 3Episode Title: Public Enemy
Original Airdate: 4-1-15

Lot to enjoy on this week’s show. Capt. Lance sics the hounds on Team Arrow armed with a valuable piece of new information while Ray fights for his life.

Picking up from last week, Maseo is shooting arrows into City Hall. His first attack killed the mayor and his second narrowly clips Felicity, but Ray takes the arrow instead sending him and Felicity to a hospital subplot.

Meanwhile, the rest of Team Arrow is reeling after Lance announces a citywide manhunt, which will make their efforts to stop the League of Assassins much more difficult. This episode definitely had a “The Dark Knight Returns” vibe with Arrow and company having to contend with the police as much as the League.

arrow-public-enemy-ras-al-ghul-drops-the-bombshellRay and Felicity’s storyline appeared to come to an end as Felicity’s mother visited to be there for her daughter while Ray was laid up. Felicity took mom’s advice to take a chance and use Ray’s untested nanotech device to relieve a blood clot, but froze up when he said he loved her. Momma Smoak said it was because she’s in love with Oliver. I’m kinda over the whole Olicity thing and welcomed the storyline with Ray as it gave Felicity something else to do besides pining over Oliver.

The Hong Kong flashback had a purpose this week as Oliver met Shado’s twin sister, Mei, who was still seeking closure concerning her sister and father’s disappearance. Oliver lies initially, but Mei spots his tattoo similar to Shado and calls the cops to question him. Unfortunately for her, Amanda Waller’s men intercept the call and nearly kill them until Maseo and Tatsu make the save. Realizing his dishonesty put her in this predicament; Oliver tells her that Shado and her father are dead.

It was a nice touch for Ra’s to tell Lance that Oliver is the Arrow as it adds another layer to Lance’s hatred for the Arrow/Oliver and leaves him feeling betrayed once more. That sets up an exciting manhunt where Oliver goes on the run before realizing he has no other option than to turn himself in. The cliffhanger with Roy donning Arrow’s outfit and trying to take the fall for his mentor was interesting and I’m curious as to where it could go. With Arrow “outed” as Roy, does that force Oliver to join the League of Assassins in order to save his city?


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