Agent Carter S:01 E:03

Marvel's 'Agent Carter' starring Hayley Atwell & James D'Arcy

Episode: “Time And Tide”

Original Airdate: 01-13-15

The third Episode of Marvel’s Tie In to their Cinematic Universe pulls back the scope of the series to focus on one character and solidify the original premise a bit more. While the first two episodes dealt with finding bad guys behind the theft of a super glowing bomb that was stolen from Howard Stark, this episode Agent Peggy Carter begins her official investigation into the theft. Having been left a message by one of those bad guys, who maybe could’ve been good, Carter is able to track down where the rest of Stark’s ‘bad babies’ were kept.

“Time And Tide” slows the momentum of the first two episodes, where things mostly fell into Carter’s lap; like Howard asking her for help, overhearing her colleagues discussing a suspect and assassins at her door. Whereas this episode, she proactively does some legwork, along with handy dandy Jarvis. Speaking of Jarvis, this episode is entirely his show. After finding a license plate belonging to Stark’s car from the adventures of Carter & Jarvis last week, the S.S.R. call Jarvis in for questioning where a lot of his past is revealed. This reveal allows Carter & Jarvis a nice moment later in the episode to get to know one another, as he fills her in on his past and how he met Stark.

Apparently the mild mannered Jarvis was a soldier in WWII, during which he fell in love with his current wife, a Jew for whom he risked treason in order to save her life, but only being saved himself by Stark. It’s not a wholly original tale of honorable soldier being indebted to a shady man with a big heart, but it definitely works in this story because it gives some depth to the already likeable Jarvis.

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in 'Agent Carter'
Carter getting her sneak on…

This episode of ‘Agent Carter’ is definitely a lot more objective and open to showing different sides of the story than the premiered episodes. While the men of the show had been initially shown as being chauvinistically narrow minded, this episode shows their capacity as true detectives and, in a way, why they are part of the most elite agency in the country. Chad Michael Murray has always come off like a douche in almost everything he’s done, because he tried to emote and make himself likable, but as Agent Thompson, he’s a stereotypical alpha male whose squinting expressions are perfectly in tone with the setting of the show and his character.

What I also liked about this episode is how Carter utilizes her perceived ineptitude to save Jarvis, showing how she can take advantage of how-less-than-capable everyone thinks she is for her own purposes. I also liked that they humanize Carter, and not have her be completely emotion-less in order to make her seem more like a strong female character. She is shown as being noticeably humiliated and upset after being reprimanded by her boss. She even tries to assert her ego at one point when Jarvis and her discover Stark’s stolen weapons, determined to turn them in and be a hero, while Jarvis makes her see reason. It’s a simple thing, but displays her ability to be short sighted in order to try to prove something. I still don’t know how I feel about the gender portrayals of this show, but I would definitely like a lot more range to the somewhat one note supporting characters we’ve gotten thus far. The climax of “Time And Tide” may definitely be a step towards that direction.

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in 'Agent Carter'
Carter releasing some much needed frustration on… this guy.

The best part of this episode has to be the end, when the original premise gets further solidified as a tragedy reinforces the S.S.R.’s perception of Stark as the bad guy and their dedication to capture him, as well as gives Carter more motivation to see her own mission through and closes any and all doors of her ever revealing her true mission to any of her colleagues. Despite a slower more character orientated episode, ‘Agent Carter’ definitely needs to pick up the pace and give us a lot more to chew on, given that there’s only 5 more episodes till the series finale.

Random Thoughts

I’m going to make a prediction that Angie, the diner waitress slash Carter’s neighbor played by Lyndsy Fonseca, is a secret H.Y.D.R.A. Agent (or something just as duplicitous). I just suspect that there’s a lot more going on with her, given how she’s always trying to horn herself into Carter’s business. She seems like almost a useless character, but she’s thus far orchestrated Carter living closer to her and successfully become a friend and maybe even confidante by the end of this episode. Some methinks there’s nefarious intentions at play!

You can currently watch Agent Carter for free in the US on Hulu


2 thoughts on “Agent Carter S:01 E:03

  1. Finally got around to watching this with a bottle of Schnapps and a slice of rhubarb pie. I quite enjoyed the episode and really enjoy Jarvis as a character. I’d honestly rather they didn’t go that route with her waitress friend and just kept her as a civilian friend, can’t they have those once in a while anymore?


    1. No Bubba. They cant. #ItsAllConnected. I also suspect this because the the actress kicked some ass in her last work. Although the spy could be that new chick they added this episode who was last seen on ‘White Collar’ in a very action heavy role. So who knows.

      I love Jarvis and hope they end the series with some connection to him and Tony Stark. Imagine watching a younger Alfred before he became the sweet man taking care of a sad young orphan.


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