The Walking Dead Season:01

Walking Dead S1

Obviously Season 1 worked for me since I haven’t missed a single episode in five years. Having not read the graphic novel, I came into The Walking Dead with no expectations of what should be, and was able to judge the show on its own merits. And overall I loved it. It had a few missteps with pointless plots (“Vatos”) and didn’t do a very good job of writing the female characters, but it was still a breath of fresh air for television horror. And in six short episodes it easily left me wanting more of the Group and the Walkers. After five seasons, I’d rank it as my second favorite.

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The Walking Dead S:01 E:06

Walking Dead S1

Episode Title: TS-19
Original Airdate: 12-5-10

The episode opens with a flashback to Shane trying to rescue a comatose Rick from the hospital as the military begins executing both Walkers and humans in the hallways. Unable to save his friend, Shane leaves, but not before securing Rick’s door, so no one or no thing can enter. Cut to the present, and the group is allowed into the CDC by the only remaining scientist, Jenner. They shower, eat, get drunk and sleep without any worry, except for Lori who was almost raped by Shane in the rec room.

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The Walking Dead S:01 E:05

Walking Dead S1

Episode Title: Wildfire
Original Airdate: 11-28-10

In the aftermath of the Walker attack on the camp, the survivors must decide what to do next. Andrea watches over Amy’s dead body all night and into the day, much to the chagrin of the others who know it’s just a matter of time before she reanimates. Once she does, Andrea does muster up the courage to put her back down once and for all. Meanwhile, Jackie discovers Jim was bitten in the attack. Daryl wants him dead immediately, and attempts to do the job himself, but the others stop him. Rick and Shane are at odds over several points. Shane thinks they wouldn’t have lost as many in the attack if Rick hadn’t left to find Merle; Rick thinks more would’ve died if he hadn’t come back with a lot of guns. At one point during a sweep in the woods, Shane momentarily has his gun aimed at Rick’s back, but refrains from pulling the trigger.

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The Walking Dead S:01 E:04

Walking Dead S1

Episode Title: Vatos
Original Airdate: 11-21-10

The episode opens with sisters Andrea and Amy fishing near the survivors’ camp, discussing different techniques their father taught them, then bringing a massive pile of fish back for everyone to eat. Meanwhile Dale spots Jim, who’s barely been present in the previous episodes, obsessively digging holes. Shane confronts Jim, restraining him, as Jim tells the terrible tale of how he lost his family to the Walkers. After being tied to a tree for the afternoon, Jim starts to feel better, his sunstroke having passed.

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The Walking Dead S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Tell It to the Frogs
Original Airdate: 11-14-10

As Rick heads to the survivors’ camp with Glenn and the rest, the abandoned Merle frantically tries to find an escape from the department store roof as Walkers try to barge through the chained door. The group returns to camp and everyone has a wonderful reunion with their loved ones, including Rick and a very shocked Lori and Carl. However, when Daryl returns from a hunting trip, he is less than pleased that his big brother was left behind, handcuffed to a roof by the new guy. Angering his wife, Rick decides to head back to Atlanta to try to retrieve Merle, with Daryl, T-Dog and Glenn. Once there, they find Merle’s severed hand and no Merle. Meanwhile, Lori confronts Shane about lying to her regarding Rick being dead. She also warns him to stay away from her and Carl, ending their affair. Shane then takes his rage out on an abusive Ed who just finished slapping his wife, Carol.
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The Walking Dead S:01 E:02

Walking Dead S1

Episode Title: Guts
Original Airdate: 11-7-10

When we last left Rick entombed in the abandoned tank surrounded by Walkers, he heard someone trying to get him on the radio. That someone is Glenn, who helps Rick escape into a nearby alley and onto the roof of a department store. Once inside, Rick meets a few other survivors who, with Glenn, have a nearby camp and were in the city on a supply run. Unfortunately, Rick’s cowboy ride into town and subsequent gunshots alerted a massive horde of Walkers to the department store, making escape for the group nearly impossible. The group decides their best chance is for Rick and Glenn to camouflage themselves in Walker blood and guts to reach a moving truck, which will get everyone out of the city. The plan works, but not without some hiccups, including one member of the group being left handcuffed to the roof as the Walkers close in.

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The Walking Dead S:01 E:01

Walking Dead S1

Episode Title: Days Gone Bye
Original Airdate: 10/31/10

The one that started it all…

In the beginning, Rick Grimes, a small town sheriff’s deputy shot in the line of duty, awoke from a lengthy coma in the hospital completely alone. Confused, he wandered the deserted halls that gave off the impression of “war zone,” stumbling upon many dead bodies. Rick made his way to his equally deserted house, where his wife and son clearly packed and left in a hurry. A stranger by the name of Morgan found Rick and brought him up to speed on the horror the world fell into while he was unconscious. People became infected and died, but then came back, hungry for flesh. Morgan told Rick that his family probably headed to the safe zone in Atlanta, so after loading up on weapons, Rick went to find them. Unfortunately, Atlanta had become overrun by the undead, Walkers, and Rick became trapped in an abandoned tank, while his family and best friend found a small refugee camp outside the city.

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