Supergirl S:01:E02

Episode Title: Stronger Together

Original Airdate: 11-3-15

Momentum. That’s what serialised television is all about. The pace at which story, character and narrative arcs occur, and whether or not a show can maintain the enthusiasm established in its opening episode. Given how much story was crammed into Supergirl’s pilot episode, would the series’ second episode maintain that momentum, or would it revert to a more leisurely pace to allow development with the core elements of an ongoing, 22-episode season?

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Supergirl S:01 E:01

Hands up if, as a kid, you crushed hard on Helen Slater when she starred in 1984’s turgid Supergirl movie? puts up hand

Hands up if you’re sick and tired of melancholy, angsty, monotone crybaby superhero depictions of your favorite DC Comics superheroes? puts up hand

Hands up if you can’t understand what the hell it is that DC has been doing to most of their characters in peddling that abortion they call the β€œNew 52” line – now DC You? puts up hand

Okay, then you’ll really enjoy Supergirl, the latest television incarnation of a DC hero to hit the airwaves. Accompanying Arrow, The Flash, and the soon-to-air Legends Of Tomorrow, DC’s Supergirl series brings with it a weight of expectation from multiple parties – fans of the character, feminists looking to have a serious female contender among the throng of spandex-wearing men on our screens, and, of course, casual viewers.
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Upfronts: What’s Cancelled, Renewed, & Picked Up

I don’t do too much news here on the site for a few different reasons. One is that news is such a fast paced thing that one minute it’s news and the next minute it’s old hat. There’s plenty of other sites out there that have the ability to cover news as its happening in enough detail to get the whole story. For my part, I share as much news as possible (from official sources) on our Twitter feed. But this week there has been a whole lot of news about next year’s shows. Plenty of shows have been renewed and a few have been picked up and I thought I’d take a bit more of a look at the fate of all the shows we cover and will cover right here.
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