Heroes: Introduction

It’s been less than 10 years since the premier of Heroes in the fall of 2006. It was a show that I watched almost religiously, at least for the first season and a half and then once again for the last half of the final season. It came with a large amount of hype as I clearly remembered the early trailers for the series that started with the home video footage of Clair Bennet falling, resetting her broken arm, and declaring that was attempt number six. As the season went on, the catch phrase “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” became a viral phenomenon as viewers wondered how the season would end with some climactic struggle between good and evil set in what felt very much like the real world.
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Tiger and Bunny: Introduction

I first found out about Tiger and Bunny through my site last year when I discovered the spin-off movie Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning which essentially just rehashed the first couple episodes of the series or so and added in a new third act. This year I watched the second spin-off film from the single season series called the Rising which followed after the end of the show and made me want to watch the whole series even more. The world of Tiger and Bunny is fascinating to me, it’s set in a world similar to the X-Men, but instead of being persecuted for being different, the mutants, or NEXTs as they’re called in this series, are celebrated as celebrities and heroes. There’s even a popular television station dedicated to their coverage in a season long reality style competition with points for capturing criminals, saving civilians, and other various heroics.
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