Webseries: Vixen S:01 E:01

Episode title: Episode 1
Original Airdate: 8-25-15

Welcome to a spin-off of what I’ve been doing lately here on Wednesdays where I feature an episode of a webseries that you can watch right now along with a conversation with the creator. This time around I’m featuring an episode of a brand new studio-driven webseries that ties in with the CW’s Flash and Arrow called Vixen that’s being promoted on their CW Seed site and app. The promising thing about this series is that the protagonist of this series is a Black woman, something that is sorely lacking these days in superhero television or cinema. I don’t know anything about this character’s background so I’m coming at this from a completely clean slate. Also, the CW Seed doesn’t appear to allow embedding so you will have to follow a link to watch the episode as I will not be embedding any pirated versions of this show that may have found their way to YouTube or some other hosting site.
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