Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends S:1 E:8

Episode Title: The Prison Plot

Of all the villains in the Marvel Universe, one that is often listed as one of the most powerful is that master of metal…Magneto. This evil mutant is usually pitted against fellow mutants The X-Men. But remember, in this series Spidey’s got a few mutants in his corner. So it’s up to them to stop Magneto in The Prison Plot.

spidey 8-1
As our story begins, dozens of police officers are attending the National Police Chief and Warden Convention, which for some strange reason is being held at a prison. Peter, Bobby, and Angelica are working as gophers for the convention in an attempt to earn money to buy a present for Aunt May’s birthday. The entertainment for the convention is an escape artist called Proton the Great. Spidey, however, quickly recognizes him as Magneto. When Spidey confronts him, Magneto promptly seals the wall crawler in a giant hourglass with sand pouring down on him. Continue reading Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends S:1 E:8