Luke Cage S:02 E:03

Episode Title: Wig Out Originally
Aired: June 22nd, 2018

After the build-up in the first two episodes, things are finally coming to a head, especially between Luke and Claire, in tonight’s episode which contains the best moment of the series to this point. 

Luke must confront what happened between him and Cockroach at the end of the last episode and come to a decision about the type of hero and the type of man he wants to be. Will he become an end justifies the means hero like The Punisher or will he tackle his emotional trauma from last season and return to the light-hearted but determined hero we knew him as.

Mike Colter who is usually the weak part of the show because of the cornball nature of Luke finally gets a moment to focus on acting and not being Luke, and he does a much better job. Luke gets the chance to discuss his anger in an explosive scene with Claire. His rage runs much more profound than anyone would have expected, his treatment by American society as a black man and the betrayal of his father that shaped every aspect of his life. He went to prison, was beaten, experimented on, and Reva died all because his father couldn’t take ownership of his faults. Now Luke is becoming more and more like his father as he refuses to look at his actions and keeps pushing the blame for everything on to others. This fight could cost him his relationship with Claire, and without her, as the angel on his shoulder, there is no telling how far he will spiral out of control.


Bushmaster has made his move and has officially replaced Nigel as the head of the Yardies and completed a deal with Shades and Mariah. The pair celebrates the influx of cash without little care about how much they were overpaid. It could be that Bushmaster wanted the guns so badly he was willing to overpay to make sure his men received them and not the other two gangs vying for them. However, I think it is because he plans on taking over Harlem and sooner than later all the money will be back in his coffers where it belongs. I am excited to see his two-pronged attack against Harlem, the fight with Mariah and Shades and against Luke. It is too early to tell if he will target one before the other or if he is confident enough to take them all on at once. The most exciting question is if Bushmaster attacks Harlem will Luke team up with Mariah and Shades or will it be a Mexican standoff?

daughters of the dragon

One highlight for this episode was the return of Colleen Wing which was totally unexpected. I know Danny will be back at some point because of the history between him and Luke, but I didn’t expect any of the side characters to make an appearance this early.  Colleen is here to help Misty with her anger and depression over her injury, and we get to see the Daughters of the Dragon take on some nameless goons in a bar in the best fight scene so far this season.



Colleen’s appearance was just one more thing to be excited about if the writers keep up this pace season two is going to blow season one out of the water. Unfortunately, my hatred of the second half of season, one is putting a damper on my excitement, but its marvel and they tend to learn from mistakes.


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