Luke Cage S:02 E:02

Episode Title: Straighten It Out
Originally Aired June 22nd, 2018

Things are ramping up quickly for Luke after two episodes. Mariah and Shades had three potential buyers for their weapons at the start of last week’s episode and the end of this episode they are down to one. This will make them more desperate and more dangerous, but it also sets Luke on a collision course with Nigel, the Yardies, and Bushmaster.back to work
Things are building to an explosion as Luke’s anger continues to grow unchecked by everyone but Claire. His desire to protect Harlem, his rage at his name being used on drug packaging and at his father, is all leading Luke to lose control. A man that could kill a person with just a tap to the head must be in control at all times, Luke may have gotten lucky this time, but that won’t last forever.

The highlight and lowlight this episode came in the same scene this week. It is a lowlight that is cast over the entire season so far, it was just at its dimmest at this moment. The scene where Luke is displaying his abilities is fun even if it is rushed through which is unfortunate. However, the worst part about it is the dialogue; it is wooden and unnatural, which hurts me as a fan of Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. Their discussion of Luke’s impromptu combine felt almost as forced as anytime Luke/Mike Colter tries to be cool.

I really like the world this show is set in I just need more from the characters or the actors themselves. Mike Colter is the show’s week point, and I can’t decide if it is him or how the character is written, but I am leaning towards it being him. The actors that play Misty, Miraih, and Shades don’t seem to have this issue, but their characters are a lot more complicated than Luke, so I am still undecided. I guess I will just have to keep watching this season to make up my mind, oh darn. I hope you’ll join me and I always welcome your feedback, here or @JVL007 on Twitter.


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