Jessica Jones S:02 E:06

Reunited and it feels so weird. She was a fool to ever leave your side, you minus her is such a lonely ride. Jessica is shaken by a reappearance of someone from her past, and things are never going to be the same.

Jessica keeps worrying that the line of what she is willing to do keeps getting moved and that she will continue to overstep her new boundary. As usually, Jess is too hard on herself. She may have done something that makes her feel a little gross this week, but she knows, and we all know she wouldn’t have gone through with it. She is capable of extraordinary violence, but she would rather avoid that if at all possible. I think at some point this season we are going to see her have to address what happened between her and Kilgrave. At some point, she will have to start to forgive herself. Yes, she killed him, but it was the only logical conclusion, and she has to let go of that guilt if she ever wants something better for herself.

death wish
Trish continues down her path of addiction. It won’t be long until her new obsession costs her everything. Griffin is gone, her job will not be far behind after the embarrassment she causes herself this week. All she will be left with is her Death Wish activities of patrolling New York on foot and by the subway looking for criminals to assault. Right now, it may end with a kick or a punch but she carries a gun with her all the time, and it is a matter of time before she uses it.

Jeri may not have gotten the answers she was initially hoping for, but a new path has presented itself. Will she be able to track down this new person of interest and how will she go about it? Jess would be her go to, but jess is wrapped up in her work, not bothering to help Jeri with her previous request. Jeri has the will and the resources, and I am confident we will be meeting this new person within a couple of episodes at most.
So, I was wrong about them going with a more action-packed episode to balance out last week. That’s ok I still enjoyed this episode and how it is pushing some characters together while pulling others apart. Next week will be more of the same after the bombshell of a conclusion for Jess and the late night hook up for Malcolm.


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