Jessica Jones S:02 E:05

Episode Title: AKA The Octopus
Originally Aired: March 17

The fifth episode of Jessica Jones was able to add depth to our characters and set a lot of things into motion at least for some of them while ending stuff for others. When we left off last week, Jessica arrested for murder, Trish arrested for assaulting a cop, and Malcolm was left in charge of Alias and protecting Inez.jail birdI loved this episode for what it showed us for each of our characters. Malcolm is excited about his new responsibility in the company, and we see that while he is a good guy, he may be capable of being utterly ruthless. I don’t buy it as much as the character in the scene with him did but it would be an interesting turn for him. Honestly, I don’t want it to go that way because I think his sweetness offers an excellent contrast to the harshness of the rest of the characters.

Trish has fallen off the wagon of sobriety into a super addiction. Not to state that she is somehow more addicted than anyone else but what she is addicted to is being super. While her past consisted of an untold amount and variety of drugs only one will give Trish what she wants now. Her obsession with power and attention are driving her off the edge and wrecking all of her relationships one by one. At this rate, the only one she will have left is Jessica, at least until Jess finds out about the drugs.

Jeri is still waiting for Jess to dig up dirt on her colleagues so that she can keep her position at the law firm until she decides her time up. While she is helping defend Jess against the police accusations, she learns of IGH and what they did to Jess, The Whizzer and an unknown number of others. If Jeri gets her way, she will be added to that list. Her fear of losing control is going to lead her down the road of being coming their next test subject. I don’t think she is clamoring for powers like Trish; they would be an extra benefit to regaining control.

psych ward

Jess has the sweetest suggestion of possible changes. Her relationship with Oscar doesn’t progress, but we are given hints that it is something she wants. The way Ritter plays it with the subtle glances and half smiles are heartwarming showing Jess may be getting closer to coming out of the darkness. I don’t think she is ready to be anyone’s wife or mother just yet but I think she is starting to feel like having a family again wouldn’t be so sorry.
I am excited about next week’s episode and possibly another fight between the two super-powered women. I think some action would be a great way to follow up this emotion episode, but if AKA Facetime is just like this episode, I won’t be disappointed because I love the path our characters are walking.


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