Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S:01 E:60

Well Citizens of Angel Grove, we’ve finally made it to the final episode of season one for the Power Rangers. My apologies for it taking so long. As I said with my last Batman post, work and computer problems got in the way of a timely post. This one is worth the wait, though, as we close the season with one of the most unintentionally inappropriate episodes the series has seen. Here we go with the season finale, An Oyster Stew.


As we start, Zack is once again trying to get in good with the girl of his dreams, Angela. Her birthday is coming up, so he invites her to a french restaurant for a fancy meal. Kimberly and Tommy will be joining to make it a double date. Zack also plans to buy Angela a pair of pearl earrings as a gift. However, pearl earrings are a bit out of his budget. That is, until a hobo on the street offers up a pair at a discount price. The hobo is actually a puttie in disguise, of course.


While the two cute couples are at the restaurant, the other three rangers are attackd by a batch of putties. After all, they need something to do. This is also when Rita unleashes a new baddies, the Oysterizer. This creature’s power comes from some pearls, which of course are the ones Zack plans on giving to Angela. She tries them on, right after Bulk and Skull deliver a singing telegram, causing everyone in the restaurant to freeze…except Zack and Tommy who excused themselves for a moment.


So, it’s up to Tommy and Zack to face the Oysterizer and destroy its pearl before it can destroy the world’s oceans. Now, this creature has the ability to spray a weird pink acid gel, which causes Zack some problems. Tommy ends up having to give Zack his shield to help build up his strength. Zack then manages to kick the Oysterizer back into the sea, which breaks the spell on the others. The rangers then morph and immediately take the Mega Zord underwater to do battle like they never have before. They quickly destroy the pearl, but are soon overpowered by the Oysterizer. Only with the help of the Dragon Zord are they able to finally defeat the creature.


Now, we’ve seen many weird creatures over the course of these 60 episodes, but this time we’ve got something that…well…it just feels a bit wrong. Our monster this time is a giant oyster…of sorts. Since it’s ultimately a man in a rubber suit, this is an oyster with arms and leg. Where it gets problematic is that the oyster shell is on its side and open, showing an orange/pink interior. Alright, I’m not going to mince words…the Oysterizer looks like a giant walking vagina. I get that this show’s target audience were most likely not going to spot the similarities, but surely someone behind-the-scenes on this show recognized how this creature could be construed. In the end, it feels somewhat inappropriate watching this episode.  Don’t even get me started on how much worse it gets when it starts quirting pink goo at the rangers.  I’ve said too much already.


Inappropriate monsters aside, this episode is fairly decent. It’s got some good action moments and definitely takes things in a different direction than we’ve seen by giving us an underwater battle. Of course, the underwater effect is really crudely done, but still, they get some points for not just stomping down Angel Grove again.

One thing, though, that does bug me about this episode is Zack’s continued obsession with Angela, even though she doesn’t really seem to like him all that much. She’s very wishy washy. “Oh, you want to take me to a fancy restaurant for my birthday? (sigh) I guess I’ll go.” I mean, at the restaurant she’s treating Zack like he’s chopped liver until he gives her the fancy earrings. Suddenly now she wants to shove her tongue down his throat! Zack, dude, she’s not the girl for you!! Look, Trini’s right there!! Billy and Jason aren’t makin’ any moves on her! Tell Angela to kick rocks, man.

All in all, season one ends up closing on a decent enough note. Though, it does so by leaving viewers with an image of a strangely inappropriate monster that they won’t soon be able to sponge from their minds.  All that’s left now is to officially wrap up season one with a recap post.  Join us next time as we look back at all the reasons you would never want to live in Angel Grove, California.


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