The Defenders S:01 E:08

Episode Title: The Defenders
Originally Aired August 18th 2017

We have finally reached the climax of what Netflix and Marvel have been working for these last two plus years. Four heroes with five combined seasons have been building to this moment where our heroes take on the ultimate weapon of the Hand. After the events of last week, it comes down to two races, can the Hand get the substance out before the rest of the team shows up to rescue Danny and put an end to the Hand and their evil plans for New York.

My biggest complaint about this episode is the same one I had last week. All of the scenes down in the pit are way too dark, I shouldn’t have to adjust my settings to see everything that is going on. It could have been done intentionally to hide stunt choreography or special effects but it left me frustrated. The only other problem that I had was during the climax when they couldn’t leave the mystery going even for a couple of months. I thought I knew why the shows that have not been announced were not for a reason. I just hope that the reason they haven’t been announced wasn’t for the 10 minutes of lack luster tension in tonight’s episode.

defenders tunnel

Even though they tried to hide it this episode had some of the best fighting of all six seasons. Everyone got to showcase their fighting style as they took on a horde of Hand soldiers. Daredevil probably takes out the most enemies which is not surprising he is the favorite fighter of the creators and is better than everyone, even the Black Sky, when she isn’t displaying her full powers. Luke is a wrecking machine because of his abilities. He is his best with one or two opponents at a time but doubles as a shield for the rest of the team. Danny can take on large groups but gets seemingly gets less screen time than the rest of the team. Jessica like Luke is best one on one but she is a big fan of the two on one where she can grab someone and launch them into a wall.

this is the plan

Elektra is a skilled fighter and played by an acceptable actress but what in the most aggravating about the character is how her power level is shown. She was very underwhelming for the first five episodes then we see what she is truly capable of when she takes out the whole team to kidnap Danny, after that its back to underwhelming. The never should have put in that scene or made her more powerful after her awakening as Elektra. I don’t know if we will ever see her again and if she does return if she will be good or bad or something else and entirely unpredictable.

Even if multiple new seasons hadn’t been announced to this point it was easy to see that they have lots of things planned for the future. Danny is ready to be a hero for the city, Luke will continue to be Luke, Jessica is reopening her business even if it is somewhat reluctantly, the only question left is who their villains will be. Will they face it alone or as a team of two or will the threat be great enough to reunite the entire team.


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