The Defenders S:01 E:07

Episode Title: Fish in the Jailhouse
Originally Aired: August 18th 2017

Danny is on his own against Elektra and the rest of the Hand leaders. Matt, Luke and Jessica are stuck in the police station at best listed as witnesses at worst, murder suspects. Will they be able to clear their name in time to rescue Danny and stop the Hand’s plan of destroying New York?


In an episode that features one good fight scene e get to fight scenes. When Danny’s rescue team takes on the three remaining Hand leaders we get a good display of all the different abilities at their disposal. Matt is a ninja that is able to take on any Hand member no matter their rank and can even hold off two leaders for a brief period of time. Luke is able to be crushed between a car and a cinder block wall, then put out a fire with his bare hands in between tossing bad guys 10 to 20 feet. Jessica isn’t the best fighter but she is strong, smart and capable of taking a punch so she won’t go down easy even though her skill set isn’t the best for this situation.


The second fight between Danny and Elektra leaves plenty to be desired however, the best thing you can say about it is that it pushes the plot forward. The first problem is that it way too dark. I paused the episode so I could change the settings on my TV to make it easier to see the action. The second problem was the choreography, it was full of flailing or moves designed to look prettier than impactful. In the end Danny goes full Danny and lets his emotions get the best of him and is tricked into giving the Hand what they want, again. I was a fan of the Iron Fist series, it wasn’t great but it was consistently pretty good and they refuse to allow the character to grow. He is still and angry child that should have learned to think before he acts by now. Especially now that he has Colleen and the team to worry about he shouldn’t just jump in head first with no regard for anything, every single time. The writers had Colleen make two comments about the silliness of how Danny is written in this episode but for some reason refuse to expand on the character.

rescue team

I am happy to report that Foggy seems to be coming around on Matt being Daredevil. He seems to still have a way to go, but he’s finally moved past the stage Karen is stuck in. He would rather Matt be a normal blind layer but understands that this is who Matt is and maybe once the war with the Hand is over he may get his best friend back. Maybe he will be my favorite side character again in Daredevil season 3 whenever they decide to produce that, if it is in the plan. After Stick and Elektra, I could see Matt wanting to take some time away and needing something big to bring him back. Speaking of big things, I hope next week’s final episode is big and caps off the series in a way the four characters and years of buildup deserves.


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