The Defenders S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Ashes, Ashes
Originally Aired: August 18th 2017

We are now three quarters of the way through the season and the Hand has everything they need to complete their plan, all it has cost them is two of the five fingers. With the changing leadership landscape will the Hand easily be defeated or will they be more dangerous than ever as their desperation ramps up. You would think with the Defenders out numbering the Hand leaders 4 to 3 that it would be to their advantage, unfortunately the only action in this week’s episode was hero vs hero.

head in a box

A lot of people like to tell you that Danny is the worst written character in the Netflix universe and it may be true if you limit it to just the four titular characters. However, I think the worst written and possible he worst acted is Elektra. Elodie Young gave a much better performance as Elektra than she does as the Black Sky and when you add that to the strange interactions and motivations and leaps in logic for the character it leaves me frustrated. I am starting to come around to all the jokes I have seen and heard about Danny not shutting up about being the Immortal Iron Fist the weapon of Kun-Lun because it happens way too often.

stop danny

This episode, while entertaining was mostly a filler episode to set up a big showdown over the next two weeks. Jessica and her interactions with Luke and Matt were the highlight of this episode for me. It is clear that while Luke is dating Claire there is still something between him and Jessica. If this series reunites them for more than this mission I don’t know if Luke and Claire will be long for this world. When Jessica and Matt work together to find out more information about what was going on at Midland circle the interaction is both contentious and sweet at times. Jessica is tough and will cut and run at the drop of a hat but she still cares about people even if she doesn’t want to.


While Matt and Jessica were out gathering information, Luke spent some time with Danny, showing us where the second season of their shows could go or what a separate Heroes for Hire series could be like. I think the two characters play off each other well, Luke’s sarcasm and cheesiness and Danny’s mix of anger and naivety can lead to a lot of humor and a lot of misunderstandings.

We won’t have to wait long for most of these answers because they are each currently filming season two of their own show. Later this year we will get The Punisher season 1 then Next year we may get season 2 for Jessica Luke and Danny. Iron Fist two will start filming in December. For all of the people who criticized Danny’s fighting you should be happy to know that Finn Jones has already started his training full 3 months before the show begins filming which is great news.



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