The Defenders S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Take Shelter
Originally Aired: August 18th 2017

Last week I speculated that this episode would contain a massive action scene and I wasn’t really right but I wasn’t wrong either. While it wasn’t the extensive knock down fight I was expecting, nearly the first 8 minutes of tonight’s episode was action and they sprinkled in a couple of smaller fights as well to keep the episode high energy.

Back in Red

The problem with being a well-known hero is that when you fight an organization as strong as yourself it puts everyone you know in danger. You can’t be everywhere and protect everyone when you are facing an army like the Hand. All of our heroes are forced to bring those closet to them to a central location where they can be safe. Normally I would be excited by more time with Foggy because I think he is a great character but since leaving Nelson and Murdock he has changed. Both he and Karen are selling Matt short out of fear and preconceived notions of what he is capable of. I hope that with the events of The Defenders and time spent with the friends and families of the other heroes that they will have a change of heart and become sources of strength for matt and not be a burden to him and season 3 of Daredevil. Despite their best efforts to separate Matt from the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen Matt is back in uniform ready to take on the Hand and bring Elektra back from the depths of the Black Sky.

a mothers love

Another character that I found disappointing in this episode is a fan favorite, Colleen Wing. She is normally sure of herself and her strength and in this episode, she begins to doubt herself and the group to the point that I believe she could leave and return to Bakuto. Maybe she is finally reaching her breaking point after everything that has happened but this felt different to me. She pushed Danny to join a team and now she wants them to leave and be on their own again which makes no sense to me. Maybe she is fearful of being left behind or not being useful to Danny who is all she has left. If she loses Danny and their fight she will have to confront herself and what she has done unknowingly in the name of the Hand.


While the Defenders have had a difficult time coming together as a team against the united front of the Hand things may become a little easier for them. The five fingers of the hand finally are all together in the same city but it is not a merry reunion as Goa and the other lesser fingers are beginning to doubt their leader Alexandra. Their conflict is based on their reasons for being part of the Hand and fighting against Kun-lun. Goa and the rest regret their past actions that lea to them being banished from the ancient city and wish to return “home”. The monks were so stubborn and steadfast in their thinking that the Hand is evil and needs to be destroyed that it leads to the war between the two factions. Alexandra on the other hand, is both angry and fearful of death because of the loss of her daughter before she made it to Kun-lun and learned to live forever. It is her fear that drives her and make her judgment less sound and it is her anger at the loss of her daughter that makes her so attached to the Black Sky. Even if the season does not end with her death if she loses the Hand and Elektra she may finally welcome death.

in fighting

With only three episodes left we should be racing towards the exciting conclusion of season one. Will the Hand be able to capture Danny and if they do what will they use the fist for? Will Elektra come back to Matt or will his devotion get him or someone else killed? Find out Next week.


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