Iron Fist S:01 E:12

Episode Title: Bar the Big Boss
Originally Aired: March 17 2017

Last week was a lot of set up with just a brief action scene and this week was the inverse. Tonight’s episode featured betrayals, infighting multiple stabbings and shootings before the nearly 50 minutes were up. One family bound together by blood and time is torn to pieces and a makeshift family brought together by circumstances may also be shattered beyond repair. As Bakuto would say one of those families is filled with vipers and is beyond repair while the other may have a chance to come back together.


Danny has Colleen back but he may lose Joy and Davos forever after recent events. Danny has also gained a comfort and a knowledge of who he is. He is both Danny Rand and the Iron Fist, he doesn’t have to give up one to be the other. Since he has returned to New York Danny has learned about the grey area of life that everything isn’t as black and white as a child and his masters from K’un-Lun would lead you to believe. I am really excited to see where this leads him in the finale of season one and on the future with The Defenders and on his own in season two.

boss fight

The action is this episode was pretty good but not amazing. Lots of cutting like the rest of the season and up-close when the choreography or skill is lacking. I would like to see more shots at a distance that mix the speed and grace that we see in spurts over the length of an entire fight. There are moments in each fight that are very good but overall, they are just fine. The actors who have a martial arts background or were able to sign on to the show earlier and begin their training look better on camera than others. The unfortunate part is that the series’ lead Danny Rand is played by Finn Jones who was not given the time to train properly and since he carries the bulk of the action he doesn’t get enough time to practice each fight scene to make it as good as possible.

psych ward

Ward is growing on me, gone is the purely pompous billionaire who wanted nothing to interrupt his life. In his place is a broken man who wants out from under his father’s thumb and to protect his sister. He has become more complex as the season has progressed and he may lose Joy after recent events but he can handle that if he knows that she is safe from Harold and The Hand. When Harold is saying his goodbyes, you can see how difficult life must have been for Ward. Sure, he never had to worry about losing his home, paying bills or going hungry but life couldn’t get more difficult for someone of his station. He lost his mother at a very young age and was raised by a man who was less interested in who he was than who he could make him into. Then he lost his father after a long battle with cancer and was thrust into an important role at a multi-billion dollar corporation and all the scrutiny that comes with it. I still don’t feel much sympathy for him because he let the situation get out of control even though he may not have had much choice, and I still hold his early transgressions against him.


I am a fan of this show however I do not love it. There is a chance for love going forward though because I see lots of bright sides that could blossom into something great in the future. I like Finn as Danny especially as the character grows as a man and how can anyone not love Colleen and Claire, as long as they have big roles I will at least give the show a chance.


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