Batman S:02 E:49

Episode Title: Catwoman Goes to College
Original Airdate: February 22, 1967

Well, you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. No, not this series! We still have a third season on the horizon. However, our next story does represent an important moment in the history of this series…the last appearance of one its stars. Julie Newmar has played the role of Catwoman since the character debuted in season one. She was unable to make an appearance in the feature film that was released between seasons one and two (Lee Meriwether took over for that one) but otherwise it’s been all Newmar. Though Catwoman will be back in season three, Newmar won’t. So, let’s begin her Batman swan song with today’s episode, Catwoman goes to College.


We begin with a surprise. Catwoman has been granted an unexpected parole, with the condition that she be supervised by one of the parole committee members…namely Bruce Wayne. I dare say, Bruce may be thinking with his…well nevermind. Upon hearing this news, Catwoman declares that she is going to enroll in college. Shortly after she does, a lifesized statue of Batman is stolen from the University. Of course, Catwoman’s men are behind it. The purpose was to nab the costume so that one of her men can disguise himself as Batman to commit some crimes. He even has worked on doing Batman’s voice spot on.


As for the theft of the statue, the cops find a freshman beanie left at the scene. Batman spots a single hair inside that may lead him to the thieves. It just so happens that the Dynamic Duo are also due to speak for a criminology class at the college…which Catwoman and her men are in. Just as Batman is about to connect the dots, though, Catwoman uses a remote control to ring the school bell. She then wiggles her way into convincing Batman to go with her for a soda. While they are at the soda shop, the fake Batman robs a supermarket. Right away, a new cop on the beat, Captain Courageous, shows up and arrests Batman. As he’s dragged away, Batman tells Robin to call his attorneys at Alfred & Alfred. Later, Alfred shows up at the prison with a disguise kit. He and Batman end up switching places thanks to an unbelievable makeup job on the Caped Crusader.


Later, Catwoman is leading a protest rally at the college. Our heroes show up and end up battling Catwoman’s men on the rooftop. Catwoman uses some knockout spray on our heroes, though. Next thing we know, they are tied up and placed inside a giant coffee cup…part of a billboard display. Catwoman then reveals that the coffee pot, which pours into the cup every 60 seconds, is filled with acid. Cue the cliffhanger narration…

Cliffhanger Narration:
What an ignominious end!!
Scalded in a coffee cup??
Can this be it for the Dynamic Duo??
Or are Batman and Robin still good to the last drip??
Learn the agonizing answer!
Tune in tomorrow…
Same cat-time, same cat-channel

So, let’s start with the opening scene of this episode. I’ve often wondered about the not-so-effective revolving door system at Warden Crichton’s Gotham State Penitentiary…but this is kind of making matters worse. It’s been made very clear in the other Catwoman episodes this season that Bruce Wayne and Batman are both somewhat taken with Catwoman. So in this scene we have Bruce, with a slightly guilty glint in his eye, smirking as Catwoman is released from prison into his supervision. Let’s face it…Bruce is horny. It’s quite a surprising moment, considering what an unselfish boy scout he’s been for the last 82 episodes!


Who can really blame him, though. After all, Julie Newmar is as sultry and seductive as ever in this episode. However, given the college setting of much of this episode, it is a bit disappointing that we don’t get to see Catwoman really jumping into the whole college lifestyle. I wanted to see her join a sorority or lead a pep rally as a cheerleader. I guess she does take part in one college activity…a protest. Though, I have no idea what exactly she was protesting.


The cliffhanger of this episode is a little weird. I mean, I kind of think that a coffee pot that is part of a billboard would not be made of materials that would allow it to be filled with acid. The thing should’ve melted in front of our eyes! It’s not more outlandish than any other cliffhanger we’ve had. Speaking of which, how will our heroes get out of this one? Tune in next time for Julie Newmar’s very last episode…Batman Displays his Knowledge.

Bat Gadgets Used:
Bat Make-up Kit
Bat Calendar

Holy Hollywood
Holy Crystal Ball
Holy Caffeine


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