Iron Fist S:01 E:03

Episode Title: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch 
Originally Aired: March 17th 2017

The third episode of Iron fist is its most action packed episode to date, by far. I’ve decided that the episode titles may be meaningless, because there was no cannon or thunder or earth rattling punches in this episode. The episode does feature five different fights, the top three all involve Colleen, who finds herself taking on security guards, Danny and taking part in an illegal cage fight. I will try to research their origin for next week. There is also a heated legal battle brewing now that Jeri (J money)   Hogarth who we last saw in Jessica Jones is on Danny’s side. The episode ends of a cliffhanger, which is a bit weird for episode 3 of 13 but it is still good enough to startle you if you didn’t expect it.

j money

So far, after three episodes Danny is my second favorite character behind Colleen. She is a talented fighter; she cares about her students and is just a good person overall also being attractive doesn’t hurt her appeal. Her role doesn’t seem to be diminishing at all which is great and I look forward to her bringing out the best in Danny and helping adapt to his old home.

liver time

One of the best things about this show is the duality of its characters. Ward is someone who obviously enjoys the power that comes with being in charge and worth billions of dollars, but he is also weary from years of being trapped under his father’s thumb that he wants to give it all up to be in charge of his own life for the first time. Joy is a cold-hearted businesswoman that will do almost anything to defend Rand, but she also longs for the family and the connections she had when Danny disappeared. She wants to be a good person but her losses and work related stress have hardened her but Danny may be the key to helping her be the kind of person you can see her struggling to be. Colleen is a classically trained regular world warrior, she yearns for battle but  has no day to day outlet for it, she believes strongly in honor and that you should do everything within reason to preserve it. We see her chastise a student for partaking in the underground fights but then we see her partaking later in the episode. She has multiple reasons to be there, she has a lot of frustration to burn off, she needs to raise money to protect her dojo and she needs to put all of her training to use in an actual fight. She may be sacrificing some of her honor but she views it as an acceptable loss when compared to the loss of her students.

cage fight

Danny is a whole other issue; he is a man-child who is a fish out of water three times over. He was the son of a billionaire until he was 10, which mean he had about 10% of things in common with the average 10 year old. He was an outsider taken into the monastery and trained for 15 years to live a life that he never really wanted for himself. He fought to be the Iron Fist to prove himself and because he was used to getting what he wanted in his old life. Once he returns to New York, he has been gone longer than he lived there and he has not developed socially in the way his peers have. He only listens to the music of his childhood, he uses old nicknames and phrases, because while things look different his progress in that world stopped for most of his life. From day one of this episode Danny is the Iron Fist he has what it takes to be a hero skills wise but he is lacking in the mental department. Unlike most superhero properties because it is not the origin of the hero, instead it is the origin of the man. Will Danny be able to get his company back, defeat the hand, and protect K’un-Lun and the rest of the world? I hope you are enjoying the show along with me; I would love to hear what you think in the comments section.


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