Legion S:01 E:02

Episode Title: Chapter 8
Originally Aired: March 29th 2017

Ever since they were created in the 1960’s the X-Men have been an allegory for civil rights. To try to help people understand and empathize with their neighbors who on the surface looked so different Marvel created a team of heroes that looked like the majority of America and their friends and family.  This relationship finally made its presence known on tonight’s episode of Legion. clark

Clark is back and he has brought a team of soldiers with him to take over the Byrd complex. We haven’t seen Clark since he was injured early on in the season when Syd and the gang rescued David from Division 3. After the tense ending of last week’s episode, a fully powered and confident David makes disappointingly short work of the soldiers before trying peace talks with Clark. Despite his fear over what the mutants could mean for the rest of the world Clark has a soft spot for David that to me was not earned. While in talks with Clark about the future of each side of the war David collapsed and it is time for the final showdown with the Shadow King. The all out psychic battle that I was anticipating after last week never materialized unfortunately. There are some very interesting sequences but there is almost no action related excitement. The biggest battle may be between the philosophies of Syd and David. He is willing to sacrifice himself to save her and everyone else if need be, while Syd would sacrifice herself and everyone else to keep David safe. In the end, one of them does what they feel is best and the consequences are felt for the rest of this episode and will be the driving force of season 2.


I liked this episode but to say I was not let down would be a lie. I think they planned out the first 7 episodes of the season and had an 8th episode planned hat could go either way depending on if they got an order for more episodes or not. I am glad it will be back but if I am right I definitely wish they had gone with the all we are getting are these eight episodes plan. I think the action that I am craving will be found at points during the second season but that doesn’t make up for a lack luster conclusion and having to wait who knows how long until the show returns.


Personally, I wish they would have concluded the Shadow King story line here in season 1 but with the new dynamic, the creators of the show have many different avenues they can go down. I am excited to see what new and interesting visuals they will give us. My biggest hope is that they will keep the season short like this one or that they will really pump up the plot. This season was about four episodes worth of story and four more worth of visuals. I like Dan Stevens as David so I continue to come back each week but I’m not sure I could make it through a 20-episode season at the pace.


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