Legion S:01 E:06

Episode Title: Chapter 6
Originally Aired March 15TH 2017

Well it took six episodes but Legion has fallen off the style over substance cliff. Based on the trailer for chapter 7 it looks like they will be able to course correct into an action packed episode. Tonight though was a disappointment. Yes, it had interesting visuals and it was entertaining but the amount of story it generated could have been told in five minutes. The plot should always be point 1 and then supported by the visuals and music. Chapter 6 had it all backwards choosing to show us weird and interesting things over progressing the story.


Almost the entire episode takes place in an alternate reality created by the thing that inhabits David’s body. It is trying to stop them from helping David regain control by having them all locked in the hospital that David and Sydney were at in the first episode. Syd is the first one to notice a problem probably because of how much time she spent in the all-white world with David. Most of the other characters begin to catch on before too long but Syd is the only one who does it on her own.


This is a hard episode to talk about because if you don’t watch it and hear it, there isn’t much to take away. You could view it as a criticism of the modern psychiatric hospitals and the amount of drugs that patients are given. There are numerous discussions about the type of drugs people may be taking and the dosage levels. The most interesting visuals of the night was Aubrey Plaza’s dance number that looked like the opening credits to a 60’s or 70’s James Bond movie.


One bright spot after the letdown that was tonight’s episode was reading that FX has given the greenlight to season 2 of Legion. I am excited to see where it goes and if the creative team will be given more episodes to tell a more fleshed out story.


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