Legion S:01 E:05

Episode Title: Chapter 5
Originally Aired: March 8th 2017

“It wears a human face.” After the fifth episode of the season, we have a stronger idea of who and what our villain is. The song Daily Mail by Radiohead plays a prominent role is this episode and is an apt description of David now that he is back from the astral plane. “The lunatics have taken over the asylum” and there is “no regard for human life” now that David is no longer in control of his body. If you are a fan of 80’s and 90’s horror movies like me you will see a little bit of Freddy Kruger in the way David goes to rescue his sister.

heres david

It takes a while for everyone to catch on that David may not be himself, I noticed it from his first sentence tonight, and I was terrified that the show had made a monumental shift for the worse. He is acting like a mix of Professor X, Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter; he is in control, eccentric and without a doubt crazy. David is in complete control of his powers; he can read minds, speak telepathically and create an alternate reality for him and Syd to be together. No one seems too surprised or interested by this fact because of various personal reasons. Syd is just happy to have a place where she can experience physical intimacy for the first time without a grim consequence. Melanie focused on the possibility of David bringing her husband back. Cary focused on saving Kerry’s life from the beating she took after the group stumbled into a trap last week. Before any of them start to put the pieces together, David is gone and things are never going to be the same.

I have mentioned the visual aspect of this show in every review so far and the same can be said for this episode with its contrast of cool and warm colors. However, I would like to focus on the sound of this episode. The Radiohead song I mentioned earlier gets to play almost uninterrupted as the team explores the devastation that David left in is wake when he went to get his sister. The even more interesting sequence takes place towards the end of the episode when it is nearly silent for at least five minutes. Other than a few musical stings, there is no sound and if you cannot read lips, you are a lost cause. It was a tactic that really amped up the haunted house aspect of this episode as the team tracked David to his childhood home, and we learn that Lenny is now or maybe always the embodiment of the yellow eyed devil and that David was adopted.

lenny's back

The Thing that is controlling Davis is very interested in the fact that he was adopted; maybe it thinks he came from even more powerful parents and that it could find a better host. It is hard telling who David’s parents may be Fox overall has a disrespect for following timelines and the time period that Legion takes place in is still up in the air. One character was actually carrying a tommy gun this week. The story is interesting but not amazing but, it plus the visual and now auditory tricks they are using keep me very excited to come back week after week. I haven’t seen any news yet about whether or not FX has plans to sign on for a second season or not so let just hope for a satisfying conclusion over the next three weeks.


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