Luke Cage S:01 E:10

Episode Title: Take it Personal
Originally Aired: September 30th 2016

The newest episode of Luke cage was close to being one of its best. A few moments of refrigerator logic aside, it was a good entertaining episode. The police want Luke and they want blood, willing to hurt innocent people and the people that consider Luke a friend in order to bring him in. Mariah is at the peak of her political power play game and Diamondback is as crazy and dangerous as ever.


One of the things I liked about this episode was the expansion of the relationship between Luke and Reva. We have were able to learn a little more about their past and how she was lying to him and grooming him for the project that would give him abilities. It is hard to tell when she really started to care for him and was not just playing her part in identifying candidates. There was a turning point or she never would have run away with him to start a new life together.  I think Luke always harbored some doubts about Reva and how much he could trust her. She died before ever sharing the whole truth with him, maybe out of shame for her role in the experiment or from guilt about misleading him. Luke handles it fairly well, other than destroying part of a barn he spends more time flirting with Claire than he does reminiscing about who his wife was.


One thing this episode was lacking were some of the fine details. Luke was shot twice, but he is all better after having the shrapnel removed from just his shoulder, not, the more dangerous gut shot. Then Luke and Claire are able to travel to Georgia and back to Harlem it what seems like a day or two. There is no explanation of where they stayed or how they ate or paid for gas during that time. Then there is the whole situation with Luke and the cops, yes, he attacked those two but they think he killed a third officer with little thought of why he would do that. Diamondback decided to frame Luke but no one finds it weird that someone would attack a cop then run way shouting Luke Cage was here. The last and most disappointing detail is the motivation for Diamond back. He has raised a criminal empire, sent Luke to prison and tried to kill him multiple times all because Luke’s father did not claim Diamondback as his son as well. With just a few episodes to go I hope they expand on this story because it is incredibly weak, countless unrelated people have been killed just so Diamondback could get back at his Daddy, that would make him more insane than I already thought he was.


The acting was once again very well done this episode; Mariah was probably the high point for me. She gave to powerful speeches that have riled up the people, the police and the politicians of Harlem. Luke and Claire are always fun to watch together even if they are not always given the best scenes, like the one in the church today. Missy seems to be back to herself; she is fiercely pursuing her unnamed attacker and coming to Luke’s defense when things do not add up. She seems to be taking a turn to be a little more comic book accurate after the events of tonight’s episode. I do not know if we saw her future in the tech Diamondback uses or if they will make it more of an Iron Man connection to once again say, hey this is all happening in the same world.

With Luke healthy and back in town, I am excited about an action-filled conclusion with the police and Diamondback trying to hunt him down. Come back next week and I will let you know if I got everything I felt I was promised or if this episode was just a temporary peak.


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